Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review - Christmas Yves by Nicola May

OMG! This is just the best Christmas story ever!
Two days before Christmas, Evie Harris discovers that her boyfriend is up to no good.  Hilarious best friend Bea, takes her to the pub to try to cheer her up when she is approached by handsome stranger Greg who overhears her dilemma and persuades her to help out at a homeless shelter on Christmas day. 
When she meets homeless man Yves, she makes a new and firm friend and begins to unravel her life through a series of spiritual awakenings.  He takes her on a journey to heal and find peace within herself whilst travelling around a number of London landmarks amongst the stunning winter scenery and backdrops.
How will New Year's Eve pan out? Will she find peace and love and where does that leave Yves? Or Greg for that matter? Yeah right - well I'm not going to tell you that now, am I? 
I loved this novella right from the start.  Bea and Evie have such a fabulous friendship, I adore them both as if they are my new best friends. I've always loved reading Nicola May's books.  She writes the things that we are all thinking!  She also creates such lovable characters that immediately get into your heart. 
When I read the last sentence of this novella, I have to confess that I burst into tears as my heart exploded with emotion.  Proper sobs too! For me, it was such an unexpected but wonderful ending.  Just thinking about it again is making me tear up! It completely blew my mind!

This novella is filled with fun and laughter and at the same time is moving beyond words which is an incredible gift that Nicola has. It is full of hope, love, peace and joy and is completely heart-melting!  It is such a beautiful, fabulous and amazing story. 
The world just has to read it!
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