Sunday, 10 November 2013

Festival of Romance 2013

Wow! What another fab day! 

I knew it was going to be a great day when I bumped into Sheryl Browne, a fellow LAHE member and person from my neck of the woods, in the hotel reception! Big hugs from this lovely lady made a wonderful start to the Festival of Romance for me. 

Coffee and cake was just what I needed and there were readings from 14 brilliant authors. I love to hear authors read from their own books as they were written to be read. It's especially poignant for me when I've read the book too. 

Great to finally meet my fellow book blogger JB Johnston who had flown over from Northern Ireland. Joined by the lovely Carol Wright (DizzyCLLB) too it's just so good to meet up with people you mix with daily on line. Lovely also to meet Lou Graham again.

We headed over to the Romance Fair where it was wonderful to see Linn B Halton, Janice Horton and Mandy Baggot on the Love A Happy Ending stand. Again hugs all round.  Fab also to see Sheryl again, Nicky Wells, Will Sutton and others on the Safkhet Publishing stand too. 

An interview with last years award winners (Rowan Coleman (aka Scarlett Bailey), Fiona Harper, Pia Fenton (aka Christina Courtenay), Nicola May and Pippa Croft (aka Philippa Ashley) was really informative and interesting with questions from Lou Graham then from the audience. Fab to hear so many different experiences and opinions on writing, publishing and romance. 

Lovely for me to meet the fantastic Nicola May who I feel I already know so well through her books and social media and I got the squeeze I'd been promised from her. 

More readings in the afternoon from a number of again more fabulous authors and the opportunity to chat with them and buy their books made this another day to remember.  The bloggers then went off for a cuppa and a chat with a Festival Organiser, Literary Agent and Publisher Kate Allen before they all headed off to get ready for the ball and I headed home. Next year Cinders will go to the ball! 

I will announce the winners later today but just wanted to write briefly here about what a fab day out the Festival of a Romance 2013 was and share some of my pics. Roll on next year! 



Rena George said...

Hi Kim. I've been hoping someone would post about the festival. Loved the photos. You all look as though you're having so much fun.Rx

Dizzy C said...

Was great to see you again yesterday lovely.
We need u at the ball next year. JB and I ended up gatecrashing the wrong ball!

carol xx

Georgina Troy said...

Great pictures! Thanks for telling us about the festival.

sue welfare said...

It was brilliant - better than brilliant - to meet you at long last!

much love,

Liz Fenwick said...

It was a wonderful and I've finally connected the dots and realised who you are!!! (head in clouds…:-)



Totally amazing to meet everyone & totally loved gate crashing the wrong ball with Dizzy!!

Liz Harris said...

It was lovely to see your pics, Kim. On a grey morning, as this morning is, it's fab to be reminded of the great time that we all had at the Festival of Romance.

Liz X

Nicky Wells said...

It was brilliant and so lovely to see you again, Kim. Next year we must get a photo together...somehow, LOL! X