I simply love books!.I have run this successful book blog ‘Kim the Bookworm’ for just over four years, read and reviewed thousands of books for publishers and interviewed many authors.   This is why I have recently taken a leap of faith and have set up a business where I help authors and publishers to promote their books. 
Over the years, the authors I’ve spoken to have said they don't have the time to do all the marketing mullarkey that goes with selling books. Today, to sell books, you need a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a blog, to send out a newsletter, to update your social media profiles regularly, send out press releases and arrange events and signings where possible and applicable. This is as well as some people having full time jobs, families, a home to run along with other commitments.... not to mention writing the next book!

This is where I can help by waving my magic wand. Consider me as your personal author assistant.

I have worked successfully in sales and marketing for a number of years and have strong administrative and organisational skills too. I have worked in all sectors of business but you already know by now that books and helping authors is what I love to do best! The contacts that I have met over the years means that I normally know someone who can, even if I can't do it myself.  I've worked and will continue to work with some fabulous graphic designers, photographers, website designers and they'd all love to work with you too! 

So if you need someone to wave their magic wand and help you put some more time back into your life, so that you can concentrate on what you love doing best, please get in touch for a chat.  Email me at , tell me what you need and we can discuss putting a bespoke package together to meet your needs.  The fairy dust comes free!

* Social media set up
* Social media management and support
* Blog support
* Newsletter support
* Arranging events
* Setting up reviews from bloggers
* Arranging blog tours
* Sending out and chasing up press releases
* Researching and targetting appropriate media
* General administrative and PA support


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Pauline Wiles said...

Kim, if you decide to start an email list for your author marketing services, I would love to receive updates from you.