Types of Book I like

Just thought I'd share with you the types of book I like to read and review. 

My passion is chick lit.   I absolutely love reading romantic, happy ever after books which make you escape from your world, and transport you into the characters of the book and the places that they live and leave you thinking about them way after you've finished the book.     

I also like a crime book to break up the girly stuff and I'm really interested in spiritual, angelic, inspirational and motivational books. 

I do not like and will never like horror! Sorry if you are a horror writer, but it's just not for me!

I'd love to review more children's books with my son Oliver who is six years old.  He loves reading, and goes to Jackanory Story Club after school every Wednesday which he adores and he's always coming home from school with Superstar Reader certificates.  I'm a very proud mom!

If you are an author who has a book that is in any of the above genres who would like me (or me and Oliver) to read and review your books, please get in touch with me via kimnash@hotmail.co.uk.  We'd be delighted to hear from you.