Sunday, 5 August 2012

Review - Surfing in Stilettos by Carol E Wyer

Reading this book was like taking a breath of fresh french air!

It follows on from Mini Skirts & laughter Lines by Carol which I read and reviewed last year and my review can be found by clicking here.

Amanda and grumpy Phil have left their dopey son Tom in charge of their home and have headed off for a gap-year in a camper-van  in search of happiness. Instead of finding joy at being with each other for 24 hours a day, cooped up in a small space, with nowhere to escape to, they find that they are actually getting right on each others nerves! The highlight of Amanda's life is her weekly Skype chat with her Mom who, even though she's an OAP, certainly does know how to enjoy herself!

Tom constantly texting his troubles from home, and the motor-home breaking down and them discovering that it won't be fixed for a few weeks really is the final straw and they end up staying in a holiday house of someone that they met and dog sitting Ted!

Amanda finds a new friend in Bibi who is trying to find a way to stop her husband's womanising ways once and for all but with a disasterous outcome.  And over in Australia, Todd realises that Amanda really is the love of his life and tries to get in touch to tell her before it's too late!

All these things lead to a hilariously funny story that will have your cheeks and your sides aching from laughing, conjuring up vivid pictures from the way the author fabulously describes the vivacious characters and wonderful story. 

At one point, I could actually feel the warm sunshine on my face, as I sat outside the lovely cottage they were staying in, in the gorgeous countryside, with Amanda drinking a glass of lovely french red and working through her worries.  I love reading a book which makes you feel part of it!

Carol's work is bright, lively, witty and thoroughly enjoyable with a lot of laughs thrown into a story which has a strong message behind it which is that life isn't ever over and that it doesn't matter what age you are, you can still live your life to the full and appreciate what you've got.   It also shows that things aren't always what they seem!

If my lovely mom was still alive today, I know that she would adore Carol's writing and the subject particularly of being older and retired.  My poor mom work as long as she could before she was too ill, because she said my my dad would have driven her bonkers all day if she was stuck at home with him.  I've thought about her loads while reading Carol's books and how much I know that she would have enjoyed them.  

This book was loads of fun, extremely entertaining and a real pleasure to read. Carol E Wyer has an incredible sense of humour which really shines through in her stories. 

Carol’s humorous novels take a light-hearted look at getting older, encouraging others to appreciate life and attempt to "age disgracefully". Her best-selling debut novel 'Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines' launched last year, won five awards including Readers Views Reviewers Choice 2012 Award (category - humour) and won Silver medal for both the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the Indie Excellence Awards 2012.

Carol is a featured author and associate editor who writes regularly for on-line magazines and author websites Indies Unlimited and Famous Five Plus.

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Janice Horton said...

What a fantastic review - I'm blown away by your enthusiasm for this book Kim - and I know you write reviews from the heart - so I'm off to Amazon right now for Carol's book. A breath of French air is exactly what I need. Au revoir!