Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review - In Her Shadow by Louise Douglas

An incredible book from an amazing author!

This book starts in Bristol in the current time where Hannah who works in a museum thinks she has seen a ghost from her past.

It then travels back to twenty years ago when Hannah and her friend Jago live in Cornwall and meet a young girl called Ellen who becomes part of their lives. Dramatic and always wanting to be the centre of attention, Ellen was complicated and hard work where Hannah's life was simple and easy. 

When the friendship between the three of them changed and became complex, deceit and tragedy hit them and changed their lives forever.

The books flits between now and then in a delightful explanation of Hannah's feelings, concerns and obsession with Ellen and twenty years on, how the ghosts of the past continued to haunt her.

This was a love story that was full of memories, mystery and intrigue.  It was dark and it was deep. It was full of passion and emotion. It was magical and mystical.  It twisted and it turned.  It was simply superb.

Louise is such a skilled author that the characters and the settings came alive before my very eyes and I can still see and hear them even now.  Even the covers of her books are beautiful and entice you to read straight away.  I could not put this book down!

The plot was outstanding. There were many moments where I held my breath not knowing what was coming next and I had no clue whatsoever as to what was going to happen. The end was a complete surprise that I had never even contemplated.  A lovely surprise I will add!

This book was an absolute pleasure to read and  I could have carried on reading it forever! Stunning! Positively stunning!

Last year I read another of Louise's books called The Secrets Between Us and my review of that can be found if you click here.

I can't wait to read more of this author's work.  I hear that she's working on her fifth book and I shall SO look forward to finding out more about it.  You kind of feel privilaged to have to read her work and if you never have - you really are missing something very special!

You can vote for this book in this year's Richard & Judy Summer Book Club by clicking here.

Sheffield born Louise moved to Somerset when she was 18 and has stayed there ever since. She lives with her three beautiful sons, and husband, Kevin. She always dreamt of being a published author and in 2006, her life allowed her to write and she began The Love of My Life, writing each evening after work.  It took her six months to complete and she submitted it to agents.  Marianne Gunn O’Connor called to say she liked the story and very soon after, thanks to Marianne and her co-agent Vicki Satlow, Louise had a contract for two books with Pan Macmillan.

In 2010, Louise joined Transworld, who published her third book, The Secrets Between Us. This book was selected for the Richard and Judy Summer Read 2012 which was an amazing experience for Louise.  Louise met Richard and Judy in London (!!!), was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for books and reading, and had an amazing day with her Transworld and WH Smith colleagues.

Louise still has her day job with aircraft manufacturer Airbus. She works with some brilliant people and is passionate about aviation, engineering and sustainability. She continues to write her fiction in the evenings and sometimes through the night.

In her spare time, Louise enjoys being with her family and friends, reading and walking. She goes out into the Mendips as often as possible with the family’s dogs Lil, and new addition, Lola.
Learn more about Louise and her books at her website

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