Monday, 27 August 2012

Review - The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp by Poppy Dolan

Hilariously funny, worryingly true!

Molly lives with and loves her brother Sam dearly, but Sam is desperately unlucky at keeping the ladies in his life happy.  So she decides that she's going to help him by pointing out to him all the things that he does wrong and with the help of her friend Rachael who works in a clothes store, help him to find the love of his life, which he does very quickly!  He decides to take off to tour the world with this lovely lady and will come back to get married leaving his mom, who is a very organised business woman called Cleo, to organise the wedding.  

With Sam's room going spare, Sam's mate John who has recently split up with his girlfriend moves in and Molly feels that he needs to make a number of changes to himself and is also asked by a lot of Sam's mates to give them the same makeover treatment that she gave Sam.  With the help of Rachael who can help them in the clothes department, and their friend Josie who is a fitness instructor, they set up the Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp where people pay a subscription and they sign up for and are put through their paces for the makeover of a lifetime.  If only she could do the same for herself!

What a concept!  What a gread idea!  If only such things existed.  I'm sure there are loads of women out there in the world that would definitely consider signing their men up to this. 

This is a hilarious book, about love, family and friendship, and it was extremely entertaining.  I really laughed at many parts, and felt quite sad in others.  There was lots of emotion written into the story in all sorts of ways described really well.

Poppy created a lovely character in Molly, she's the sort of person that you would want as your best mate! And the wonderful friends Rachael and Josie, that she had around her, were great girls, really supportive to her even when her behaviour started to get a little out of hand.   I loved the way that Poppy wrote this strong friendship into the story line.  I also loved the relationship that Molly had with her brother and her mom, a really powerful family bond. All the characters were a delight to know, warm, realistic and perfectly formed. 

Her descriptions were also wonderful, making you able to picture the scenes as you were reading so that you felt part of the story and actually wanted to join in. 

Massively entertaining, this was a fabulous read and a great debut novel for author Poppy Dolan and I really wish her lots of luck for the future. 

Poppy Dolan lives in South London with her husband and what she describes as a dodgy laptop.  She enjoys cooking, eating and again in her words, mucking about on her sewing machine.  She is currently writing her second novel.

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