Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review - Grandma Bendy by Izy Penguin

A colourful and amusing story about a very bendy Grandma who has super stretchy legs and twizzly arms. 

Granda Bendy used to be a burglar, using these amazing arms and legs to get into houses easily, but when she gets burgled herself, and loses everything she ever had, she realises that she has done wrong and hands herself into the police. 

She knows that she did wrong and has paid the price for it, so when she's released from prison, she decides she's not going to be bendy anymore!

But someone needs her help; when her neighbour gets locked out of her house, Grandma Bendy is able to help by using her bendiness to let her in.  She then decides that she's only going to ever use her bendiness to help others. 

Grandma Bendy is written and beautifully illustrated by first time author Izy Penguin.  She must be a very clever lady if she can write as well as illustrate so fantastically.   The drawings are fabulously colourful and perfectly matched to the story. 

My nearly five year old little boy Oliver said that he liked the story.  He said that he wished he was as bendy as Grandma Bendy and he'd love to play Hide & Seek with her.  He thought that it was good that she handed herself over to the police (Oliver's daddy is a policeman so he's very fond of the police!) and he particularly liked the colourful pictures.  When I asked him if there was anything in particular that he liked about the book, he said "just all of it!"

When we finished the story we had to read it again, then again, and then again!

The conclusion therefore was, it was a hit!

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