Friday, 10 August 2012

Review - A Sacred Storm by Dominic C James

Wow! The third book in the Reiki Man trilogy had quite a lot to live up to as the first two books were utterly phenomenal.  And it lived up to every single one of my expectations.

A mysterious healer appears in Mecca claiming to be The Mahdi, the Muslim redeemer.

In Rome, The Vatican announce a young priest called Christian as The Messiah.

Each of these two huge religions feel that the other is a fake. In Rome they set out to prove that they are the real thing. Panic breaks out across the whole of the world and battle commences. Who will come out as the real thing and what happens to the world before World War 3 breaks out!

This book was just amazing.  I normally find it difficult to believe things that are a little unusual in my world yet this book and Dominic's writing never ceases to amaze me and conjures up such imaginative pictures that actually astound me.  

This whole trilogy is probably one of the best trilogies in the history of writing in my eyes.  I could imagine each one of these books being made into amazing films and would be unbelievable on a big screen.

I have looked forward to this book for such a long time and was so very pleasantly surprised when it landed on my doormat earlier last week without warning. I apologise to any of the authors who are in a queue to have their books reviewed  but I had to read this book immediately!

I have been thinking since I read the last book about what had happened to the characters as the ending seemed very final. I found out what happened and finally my mind was put at rest.

Dominic C. James is a writer and Reiki Master and he lives in Banbury. He has been a singer/songwriter in various indie bands, and has scratched a living as a freelance writer, barman, draughtsman and factory worker. On being made redundant two years ago he committed himself to full-time writing.

The Reiki Man (review here) was his first full-length novel, and combines his passion for all things spiritual with his passion for all things temporal. He keeps a foot firmly placed in both worlds. He wants to bring practices such as Reiki to a wider audience by conveying Eastern ideals in an entertaining context.  The second in the trilogy was called Fear of the Fathers.  (review here). 

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