Monday, 7 November 2011

Review of Dollars to Donuts by Kathleen Kole

Great fun, lots of laughs and extremely entertaining. 

Newspaper columnist April has left the city to move to a small, sleepy town with boyfriend Kevin and they have the most bizarre neighbours you could ever wish for!   A mystery unfolds in the “odd” cul-de-sac in which they all live, and she seems to spend her life trying to avoid these very strange people and their wacky ways and in doing so, walks head first into the one thing that she didn’t want to get involved with! 

Disillusioned with and drifting through her life, writing as close to her deadlines as possible about a subject she’s really not very interested in, when Kevin’s good looking friend Gerritt moves in with them, things start to get interesting.   April’s sister and friend Jessica points out a few home truths to her and she re-evaluates all that she thought was ok in her life.

Kathleen Kole is an energetic and fun writer.  She writes in a way that makes her books easy to read, with a load of laughs thrown in along the way.  Her characters are hilarious, all with their own hilarious traits (especially the Scottish neighbour!).  Underlying in all this humour is the serious fact that similar to her previous novel Breaking Even, the lead character is going through a dilemma working out whether she is happy with her lot in life, or whether she wants more. 

You can completely relate to the main character in the book April, who is a likeable and genuine person if somewhat a little scatty at times, dealing with issues and emotions that we all deal with at some point in our lives. 

I have to say that I’m SO glad that my neighbours aren’t completely bonkers like the lot in this book!   Well actually . . . . . .

Kathleen is an extremely talented writer.  Born in Edmonton, she began storytelling in grade school and has many fond memories of entertaining her friends by story telling in her back yard.  She pursued a career in story telling and graduation from college with a Diploma in Radio & Television Arts and became a freelance writer for local newspapers.   She lives with her beloved husband, adored son and daft dog! 
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Janice Horton said...

This book sounds great - and it has a Scottish neighbour - yay!

Thanks for the review, Kim!