Sunday, 6 November 2011

Review - Soul Protector by Amanda Leigh Cowley

What a cracking book!  Absolutely loved it!   An exciting, interesting, fabulous, paranormal romance.

Gracie, feeling sad and miserable, because she has just found out that her little sister has been seeing her boyfriend behind her back, goes along begrudgingly, to her friend Lydia’s birthday meal.  She realises when Lydia’s boyfriend proposes to her, that she’s really envious and wishes she could swap places with her.  She hugs Lydia to congratulate her, then suddenly to her surprise and horror, discovers that she’s swapped bodies and is now in Lydia’s body. 

When she has realised what has happened, she works out how to swap back and at a later point, she decides that she's brave enough to try it out again.  This time, its carefully planned out and when she swaps again, after noticing a strange coloured glow around certain people, she discovers after being “kidnapped” by Dan, that she is what is called a “Soul Protector”.  Encouraged by the fact that Dan is her dream man, she gets him to help her to find out more about what being a “Soul Protector” means and how she can use this new found ability to help others.  Will Dan and Gracie get it together, or is she destined to be on her own looking after others?

This was a book that definitely left me feeling all warm and fuzzy when I’d finished it.  The first of a series, really easy to follow and a pleasure to read, I’ll definitely be looking out for the other books in the series and following Gracie’s adventures.
I loved the way that the writing made you feel the emotions that Gracie has.  She is such a lovely and likeable character that you immediately warm to her.  Amanda is fabulous at portraying characters and places, so that you can really create them in your mind and build the story.  Dan, I pictured as my hero – Steve McGarrett from the new Hawaii Five 0 series (AKA Alex O’Loughlin - thought I'd include a piccie of this gorgeous man to brighten up all our days!) and this image certainly helped his character to develop in my mind!  

Amanda Leigh Cowley lives in Northampton with her husband, her two sons and her dog.  Between working in her husband's business, and being a busy Mom, she somehow manages to find time to write online articles and has also squeezed in this debut novel, and achieved her lifelong ambition to write a book.  She is currently working on the second book in the Soul Protector series, so watch this space . . . . . .

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