Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review of Build A Man by Talli Roland

This is another thoroughly enjoyable, funny, easy to read book by the lovely Talli Roland. 

Serenity Holland has moved to England to pursue her career as a tabloid journalist.  She has however, got a little stuck along the way, by taking a job as a receptionist at a cosmetic enhancement clinic and moves in with Peter who is the owner and surgeon.  Their life is very regimented, and a little dull and Serenity certainly doesn't feel like she's fulfilling her life dreams by having to be nice to the extremely rich and very rude clients that attend the clinic.    That is until the day that Jeremy walks through the door.  He's a lovely man, quite good looking too in fact, although wants to change his appearance drastically by having a number of surgeries. 

When she pitches to The Daily Planet, about a makeover for a man, and gets a response to call the editor, she's overjoyed, but they require her to befriend Jeremy and dish the dirt on his life to make this a great feature. 

Will Serenity sell her soul to The Daily Planet, or will she cough up to her undercover status to genuinely be friends with Jeremy?  Will Peter find out that she's undermining the confidentiality of one of the clinic's clients or is she able to hide it from him?  Will Jeremy's surgery be a success?  Can this story possibly have a happy ever after ending?

All of Talli's books are funny, romantic and easy to read, and you find yourself constantly turning the pages, becoming involved in the story and wanting to find out more.  Build A Man is just the same.  The characters are genuine, but she makes them funny at the same time, with humerous little quirks of their own.  You find yourself loving Serenity even though what she's doing isn't the wisest choice one of your friends would make, but you can't help feeling sorry for her.  Jeremy is a wonderful character, a man who wants to change his appearance because he thinks that he'll be able to find love if he looks different and Peter who is very stuck in his ways, and doesn't really light any fires, apart from for the rich and famous who desperately need his cosmetic services.  

This is a hugely entertaining book, light-hearted yet with hidden messages of self belief, hope and about following dreams.  

Talli writes funny and romantic fiction.  She lives in London and admits openly on her website to having a crush on Sir Alan Sugar!    
Her debut novel, The Hating Game was in the top 100 on Amazon Kindle UK for over 75 days.  I was lucky enough to review Watching Willow Watts earlier this year which was a great read, and you can read my review of this book here
She also writes the 24 Hours travel guides under the name of Marsha Moore.    You can find out more about Talli at her website or read her entertaining posts at her blogsite
You can follow Talli on Twitter by clicking here.
You can buy Build A Man via Amazon by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Great review, Kim. I downloaded Talli's book last week and will be reading it soon. A lovely lady and fabulously talented author.

CJ xx

Talli Roland said...

Thank you, Kim! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

And Crystal, thank you so much for your lovely words. :) I hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

Great review. Love Talli Roland. Can't to read this book!!

Anne said...

Great review! I agree with it 100%! Talli, you know how much I enjoyed this book and all your others! I can't wait for more of your books! Cheers to you!

Talli Roland said...

A big thanks to Anne and PJ for the their lovely comments! And thanks again, Kim!

Kim The Book Worm said...

Any time Talli, and thank you ladies for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope to see you all soon x x

ashwaria said...

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