Sunday, 6 November 2011

Review - Princess Diana The Day She Didn't Die by Heath Samples & Claire Hooper

This “un-put-downable” book had me hooked right from the very start. 

The compelling storyline is extremely powerful and starts at the point that Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed are caught up in the memorable car crash in Paris.  They survive the crash and it then goes on to explore their suspicions as to whether it was a deliberate attempt on their lives or an unfortunate accident.  They play it down to the press and to their families, yet their lives are dramatically affected by the effect this accident has upon both of them. 

It then goes on to portray the developing relationship between Diana and Dodi.  It shows how their lives are still intertwined with both the national press, who are watching their every move, and the Royal establishment, despite the fact that she and Prince Charles are now divorced.  The book explores her interest in learning about the Muslim faith and shows how much she deeply adores her two sons.  It's so interesting to learn more about how their loves would have progressed had this lovely lady survived that awful day. 

The story also includes Ella, a student and massive Diana fan to the point of obsession, and how because of Diana she is keen to learn more about the Muslim faith, her life very much mirroring that of this very famous and beautiful lady. 

Really don’t want to go too much further into the plot at this stage, because it would be a real spoiler for the book, but there are a number of moments throughout the book, where you feel like you really need to ask some questions and I certainly hope that a sequel at some point will satisfy my curiosity!  The ending was a real stunner and definitely left me wanting more! 

I think that the fact that you already know the characters helps you to get deeply involved in the story right from the very beginning as you don’t have to create characters in your mind like other fiction books which makes it quite unusual.  It was one of those books that left you thinking about it even when you weren’t reading it, and I couldn’t wait to get back to it, to find out what was going to happen.  A definite page turner. 

This book would transfer fantastically into film and I would absolutely love to be seeing it on a large screen as I think it would have the whole world transfixed.  I really hope that Hollywood film makers are picking up on the vibe which is being generated from this deeply moving, amazing and powerful novel.

Heath Samples LL.B Hons grew up and now lives in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and after serving in the Royal Air Force, studied Law & Economics at University.  He holds a JAR-PPL Private Pilots Licence, RYA Yachtmaster, MCA Boatmasters Commercial License and BSAC SCUBA Dive Leader.  He has just established and set a brand new Guiness World Record by crossing the English Channel in relay on Sea Scooters!   I feel exhausted just reading this lot!

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Janice Horton said...

Wow - what unusual and powerful concept for a novel. As someone who admired Diana, I'll watch out for this one.

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