Sunday, 6 November 2011

Review - Wrapped Up In You by Carole Matthews

As a massive Carole Matthews fan, and having read all of her other novels, when Carol invited me to review her latest book, I have to admit to being just a tiny bit star struck.  This is an author who I’ve looked up to for years and her book Let’s Meet on Platform 8 is one of my most favourite books in the world!

I’m thrilled Carole didn’t fail to disappoint me with her new novel Wrapped Up In You - a delightful, heart warming, hilarious and truly wonderful read.  

Janie, a single hairdresser, is constantly harassed by her clients about her love life and when she meets her ex, who tells her that the girl he left her for, is now pregnant and that they are getting hitched, she finds herself telling him that she too, is happy in her life and is going off to Africa on safari, an idea which was given to her by one of her clients.  Realising that she needs some excitement in her life, she wonders, why the hell not, and books a trip to do exactly that!   Much to the disappointment of the only man in her life, Mike from next door, who is her best friend and realises that he wants more from her than just friendship. 

Janie goes on her exotic safari to a stunning Africa and falls madly in love with Dominic – her tour guide, hero, dream man, protector, oh and I forgot to mention fully fledged Massai Warrior!  He shows her his amazing home country and the incredible animals that stroll along as an everyday occurrence in his life, just a little bit different from hers.  

When her safari is over, how on earth is she going to go back to her previous life and how will she cope without this wonderful man in it, who is the only man who has ever made her feel the way he has?

Carole has such a fabulous way of writing, making you feel like you are actually in the plot of her books.  I could so easily picture myself in Janie’s front room of her cottage in the Buckinghamshire village with Mike popping round for coffee whenever he had the chance.  I felt like I went to work with her every day to the hairdressers and then I had such a great experience when I went with her to Africa and shared the amazing sights that she did.  I felt every single one of her emotions when she missed Dominic with the whole of her heart when she returned from Africa and tried to fit back into her previous life which suddenly felt so wrong. 

Carole continues to make you unable to put one of her books down.  She makes them so easy to read and so enjoyable that you definitely lose yourself and become lost in her world.  I sincerely hope that Carole never gives up writing.  She must give so many people so much pleasure from her novels, and I hope that she continues to think of new ideas and interesting plots to keep on writing!

Thanks Carole – you are an absolute star and an inspiration to us all.  

Carole Matthews is the Sunday Times best selling author of 18 previous novels which have been translated into many languages and sold to Hollywood.    When she entered a short story competition in Writing Magazine, she couldn't believe that she had won a thousand pounds!  She spent this money on a writing course (much to everyone's surprise!). The tutor on the course liked what she was writing and recommended an agent who took her on straight away. She sold her first book, which became Let’s Meet on Platform 8 (a fabulous read by the way!) a week later.

To find out more about Carole you can visit her website 

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Janice Horton said...

Great - this is going to be my first choice Christmas holiday read this year - I can't wait!

Thanks for the review, Kim! xx