Monday, 5 September 2011

Review - Breaking Even by Kathleen Kole

A fantastic book which gets you thinking about your own life and whether what you have is enough for you, or whether you want more!

Penelope is a sensible accountant who is engaged to Ben, a lovely, kind man and they have been together for what seems like forever.  One day while helping out her sister in law to be by taking the kids to school she locks her keys in her car, and is offered help by the most handsome man she thinks she's ever seen.  She finds out that Scott was left a single dad when his wife died with a child at the school too and he totally bowls her over.   After spending a little time with him, she finds herself becoming very girly and excitable!

On an impulse, Penny goes out and gets herself a makeover and buys herself a flashy new sports car and is amazed by the different reactions she gets from the family and friends in her life. She is surprised by her own reaction to how she feels about the excitement of meeting someone knew and is astonished that he finds her as attractive as she finds him.  It makes her question her own life and think about whether she and Ben are actually happy together, or whether they are just ambling along in a life which they are used to, which now seems a little staid and boring.   She finds herself wrestling with her emotions on this rollercoaster journey in her life.

Without giving away anymore of the plot, this is a great book, a really good read, which gets you reflecting on your own circumstances and thinking about how you would feel in this situation!   It certainly made me want to go out and get a makeover and buy a flashy new car. It's a story about good friends, family, love and relationships.  An extremely well written, enjoyable and easy to read book with terrific characters which kick started both my holiday reading and my new Kindle relationship and made me forget that I was not reading an actual book.   Kathleen's writing has you feeling all the emotions that the characters feel and I'm really looking forward to reading Kathleen's next book Dollars to Donuts. 

Kathleen is an extremely talented writer.  Born in Edmonton, she began storytelling in grade school and has many fond memories of entertaining her friends by story telling in her back yard.  She pursued a career in story telling and graduation from college with a Diploma in Radio & Television Arts and became a freelance writer for local newspapers.   She lives with her beloved husband, adored son and daft dog! 

If you'd like to know more about Kathleen Kole and her writing and books, check out her website at

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