Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review - Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes by Sue Watson

What a fabulous fabulous book!  Laugh a minute, cry a lot, relate to most of it, empathise tons and I enjoyed it absolutely loads! 

Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes is one of my most favourite books I've ever read!  Due for launch on 8th September, congratulations go to Sue Watson on her debut novel.  I'm sure she'll be celebrating many more in the future.  Next week I'll be running an interview with the author and later this week I'll be running a giveaway so you have a chance to win this fantastic book.  Let me tell you a little more  . . . . .

Busy Mom Stella works in the world of TV and husband Tom is a TV camera man.  Stella’s impossible super-bitch boss makes life as difficult as possible arranging meetings at ridiculous times and arranging for her to be away from home for weeks on end.  Tom is completely sick of being the main parent in charge, who gets to pick up the pieces and realises that his hopes and dreams are been quashed so that Stella can achieve hers. 

When Stella returns home after a spell of a few weeks ago producing a program in Yorkshire, she finds that she has come home to a different life to the one she left behind, a daughter that she doesn’t really know much about anymore and a husband who is not a happy bunny!  She starts to suspect that Tom might not be as honest as she thought he was and could be up to no good!

When Stella is stressed, she bakes to get rid of her worries and her tensions, making the most fabulous cakes and not realising how much of an important aspect of her future, her baking is to become.   

This is a story about bullying, bitchiness, friendship, love, tears, motherhood, revenge and about taking opportunities and making dreams come true.  It’s written beautifully, flows really well and is SO hard to put down.   One night I woke up in the middle of the night and instead of even attempting to go back to sleep, got up and read some more of this fabulous tale!

Stella is such a wonder character, having traits and personal issues that most women would be able to relate to.  Sue has an absolutely amazing way of making you feel the emotions of her characters, and making you step into their shoes. 

Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes is such a great story, and so well written that I find it hard to believe that this is Sue Watson’s first book.   If this one is anything to go by, I’m sure Sue will enjoy tremendous success for many books to come and will be up there with some of the best authors around!  I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.  An absolute cracker! Every woman should have it in their collection!  Just trust me and buy it!

Manchester born Sue Watson, moved to London and enjoyed working on tabloid newspapers and women’s magazines before moving in TV, becoming a producer at the BBC where she dreamt about writing. 

She lives in Worcestershire, with her husband Nick and daughter Eve.  She is currently writing her second novel.

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