Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review - The One That Got Away by Jessica Strassner

A delightful, romantic, sentimental read!

Lucy, Kate and Jackson were all high school best friends, yet Lucy and Jackson’s relationship was “special”  and even thought they were they were true childhood sweethearts, it didn’t work out and they both went on to live other lives.  They both considered the other as “the one that got away”.  Jackson is now a successful businessman who is married to Sloane, a very intense and overpowering wife and they are trying to get pregnant.  Lucy lives with Matt, and is in an OK relationship, even though she doesn’t spend a lot of time with Matt as he is always working in his busy restaurant and she does most things alone. 

Ten years later, at Kate’s birthday party, she announces that she’s invited Jackson, much to Lucy’s surprise and eventually when the news has sunk in, delight.  He and Lucy meet up again at another time and it’s as if the years between haven’t happened.  They fall in love all over again.  But their lives are different now, are they meant to be together or are they just meant to continue their lives apart?  Are they going to cause upset to everyone around them, or do they just get on with their lives the way they are?

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This is a fairytale romance, and even with the moral dilemmas thrown in, it had a really big feel good factor.  It was a pleasure to read and you can so feel the love between Jackson and Lucy and are quite concerned about what the future holds for them both.  I felt as if I was following them, when they went on their moonlit walks on the Florida beaches and felt the deep love that they shared. 

The characters develop quickly and strongly so that right from the beginning you feel like you’ve known them forever.  I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen in the end, but if you think I’m going to tell you that – think again!

Jessica Strassner was born in Pittsburgh and moved to Florida in 1992.  It was when she was at high school that she decided that she would like to become a writer.  She met her husband in 1999 and she has been teaching since 2002, which is the same year that they were married.    

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Linn said...

Love strong characters - great review Kim! Also love the cover - very atmospheric and Jessica is a lovely lady and an author to watch.

Deb said...

I like a character-driven book, like you seem to. Enjoyed reading your review, too, Kim. Followed you over from another blog you had "followed!" LOL
I'll be back to see you again. I'm a bookworm and have been forever, too, so it's always nice to see what everyone's reading.
Enjoy your books!
I'm a new follower here and on Twitter, too. :]