Monday, 5 September 2011

Review - Sophie's Turn by Nicky Wells

A laugh out loud, extremely easy to read, fabulous book that whisks you off and transports you a whole other exciting world! 

Sophie, a budding journalist on a London paper used to be a massive fan of rock band Tusk back in the 80s and travelled the country in her youth to follow Tusk and blagged her way into their dressing room and onto their tour coach with the lead singer Dan who was the man of her dreams!  

She is now with Tim, an Accountant and he is a nice, average man, but there's not much excitement and romance in her life, much to the disappointment of her best mate Rachel . When at the airport, waiting to check-in for a flight, she spots a familiar face in the queue who turns out to be Darren, one of the old members of Tusk.  He amazingly recognises her too and they meet up and have a chat before she flies off to New York.  He tells her that the band have reformed and are doing a few intimate gigs and she decides to go and watch one of them. 

This puts her back in touch with the band and particularly back in touch with the man of her old dreams Dan, who sweeps her off her feet and after inviting them to cover their new tour proposes to her! 

Find out whether the grass really is greener on the other side and who Sophie decides to be with in this fabulously well written, romance which is guaranteed to make you smile and has a quite unexpected ending.    Sophie is an outstanding and believable character who'd you love to be friends with. 

Can't believe that this is Nicky's first book.  She writes in such a fabulously colourful and descriptive way which makes you believe you are the main character of the book, and feel the deep emotions of the characters.  I was on that tour bus!  I was singing and dancing at the concerts! I love Tusk!  I for one, and I'm sure anyone else who reads this excellent debut novel from Nicky, will be awaiting the next one with baited breath.  I love her style of writing, and this book was an absolute pleasure to read. 

Born and raised in Germany, Nicky moved to the UK in 1993.  Having received degrees from the University of London and from the University of Oxford, she spent 6 years as a researcher and project manager for an international HR research firm.

Nicky left work in late 2004 to spend three months writing Sophie’s Turn, before the birth of her first baby in April 2005 and she currently lives with her husband and two sons in Bristol, and is trying hard to work on her next novel as much as being Mom to 2 small children allows.  

To find out more about Nicky Wells and her fabulous writing, you can check out her website

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