Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If I could be anyone, I'd be Lois Lane!

If I could be anyone I'd be Lois Lane - why's that do I hear you ask? 

Can you imagine, how fab it would be if Superman was your Guardian Angel! 

If you are wondering why I have posted this bizarre statement, it's because today, we're celebrating the launch of Watching Willow Watts by Talli Roland

This is a fantastic book which I'm honoured to have reviewed before the launch date.  You can read my review here

Why not pop on over to Talli's blog to read more about her, her fabulous writing, and this wonderfully refreshing book.

And please do feel free to leave me your comments as to who you'd be, if you could be anyone.

I hope you'll join me by sending love and best wishes to Talli on the launch of her new book. 




Talli Roland said...

Yay! Thank you so much for taking part - and of course for taking the time to read and review Willow!

I would *so* love to be Lois. Superman is to die far! Great choice.

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thanks for approving of my choice Talli. I used to love Superman with Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Never missed an episode. Oh how I wished I was her! xx

Beverly Diehl said...

Greetings, Kim, fellow Talli fan here. Would love to have had Terri's Hatcher's dainty beauty, but apparently picked the wrong parents.

Nice choice, nice pic.

Julie said...

Hi Kim! I just discovered your blog thanks to Talli's party, Lois Lane is a great choice! Looking forward to following your blog. :)