Monday, 5 September 2011

My Kindle Experience

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, I've been on a family holiday to Menorca.  Weather fabulous, a few initial hiccups with the accommodation, but all ok in the end.

It was my birthday just before we went away and I was lucky enough to be given a Kindle.  I wasn't sure about having one, as I've always been a big reader and love the feel of a book in my hands and turning pages etc.  

I normally go away with around five books weighing my case down and then swap books with my other half and start reading the ones that he finishes as I'd normally run out!  This time I decided that I wasn't going to take a book at all, hoping that I'd get on ok with my new reading device as I'd be hunting down a book shop if I didn't.

OMG - I have a new best friend!


Probably helped by the fact that the first book I read on it, which was called Breaking Even by Kathleen Kole, was an absolute cracker, I didn't miss the feel of a book once.   Once I got into this fantastic story, I didn't really notice that I wasn't reading a book. 

No glare at all, so great to read outdoors.  Light and easy to hold, and easy to turn the pages, I don't know how I managed without one.  Easy to slip into my handbag to bring out at any time giving me the chance to carry on reading, and I managed to get through 9 books.   

I did find the "talk to me" feature a bit wierd as it has an odd voice (which I was prepared for as I had been told that) but also that it didn't stop at sentence ends, just continued talking so I shan't be using that particular feature.   

I didn't realise that you can also use it to go onto the internet, a feature that I would definitely use and a nice surprise and you can also transfer music files onto it too so can listen to music while you are reading.  I'll be playing around with these features now I'm back.  The model I had was the £111 version as I felt that this would be perfect for what I needed it for.  And it SO was!

All in all, I would definitely recommend a Kindle to anyone who loves books.   After I've raved about mine, my sister has already put one onto her birthday list and my 79 year old Aunty has already gone out and treated herself to one too.

Will crack on with all my reviews now and will be posting them very soon! 

Catch you later


x x


Anonymous said...

Knew you would be thrilled with it. Best thing since the invention of the book! Happy Reading.

About Me said...

Thanks Kit, I was really surprised with my reaction to be honest but like you say - what a fab invention! Take care.

Pauline Barclay said...

I'm glad you love your Kindle, I love mine. Happy reading days, nights, days, nights....ha ha! x

Janice Horton said...

Yay - I love my Kindle too. I'm so excited that you now have one, Kim. Enjoy!

Chris Longmuir said...

I love my Kindle too and it was as much of a surprise for me as it was for you. I prefer the 3G model though because I can download anywhere and don't have to be near a wireless hotspot. Having the Kindle and my love for it was one of the reasons I started to publish to Kindle, but I really think I'm reading more now. It's so easy.

Sue Fortin said...

I'm a Kindle convert. I resisted for ages but finally buying one (the same version as you) a month ago.
Having said that I still like to hold a real book and be able to flick through the pages.

About Me said...

Thanks so much for your comments ladies. I also still love to hold a real book and get very excited when a new one lands on my door mat! Lovely to have a different way to read though and I shall be keeping mine in my handbag so I can read at every opportunity x x

Dizzy C said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Kindle.

I am looking into which ereader to get this Christmas and your thoughts have helped.


John Cowton said...

I've had my Kindle last November and have been binge-reading ever since, although I still buy the odd tree-book.
I have discovered authors I would never have known if it wasn't for my Kindle.

Author of the New Book Champion... ISBN 0741444186 said...

Kim I loved reading your blog about your kindle/eBook reading experience. All last week I was posting blogs, information and viewpoints about kindles and the whole eBook reading discussion on my fb page to my 3500+ fb friends. I will post a link to your blog and let my fb pals read your blog.
Take care, Miles Cobbett