Monday, 29 July 2013

Review - Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements

I absolutely adored this book.

Imogen and Anna are two sisters who between them inherit an ice cream parlour which changes their lives forever. Their grandmother dies leaving them not only the shop but the legacy of the shop which has been a successful ice cream parlour since she opened it many many years ago.

They have to come up with a plan for this business which will make it a roaring success. They also have to do it quickly before other members of their family who would love to see them fail, can get their hands on the shop.

While Imogen has to turn her back on her life in Thailand, and Anna's family life is under threat, will the ice cream parlour survive and become the roaring success that they both wish it to be?

This book was absolutely delicious. I even had to raid my freezer at one stage as I had a craving for ice cream after the descriptions of all the different flavoured ice creams in the book!

This book is everything I feel a book should be: a great story, a family that pull together, with some romance thrown in to create the perfect ingredients.  I completely and utterly fell in love with this book.  There were even ice cream recipes at the back of the book for you to try to make yourself. What a fabulous idea.

The book made me want to own an ice cream parlour and made me wish that I was a third sister on this fabulous journey.

This was not a feel-good romance, it was a feel-fantastic for the rest of the weekend romance! Totally scrumptious and couldn't resist it!

Abby Clements worked in book publishing before she switched to writing. She lives in North London and Vivian's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop is her second novel. I reviewed her first novel, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe last year and you can find that review by clicking here.

Read more about Abby Clements at her website.

You can buy this book via Amazon UK by clicking here


TripFiction Team said...

Hi Kim

Quite understand about needing to moderate!

Loved this review, Fiction with luscious ice cream what more do you need? Thank you.

Fay said...

I read this book last year and absolutely loved it. I have only just got round to reviewing it and found your review. Nice blog :D