Friday, 19 July 2013

Review - By My Side by Alice Peterson

Wow! What an incredibly moving page-turner!

Cass Brooks is a young lady with her whole life ahead of her as a doctor until she leaves home one morning with a hangover and extremely distracted she stumbles into the road with shattering consequences.

Now her future is something completely different to what she dreamt of and she has to find a way of coping and moving forward. When she meets Ticket - a gorgeous labrador - she realises that maybe with a little help from her friends and a lot of help from Ticket, she can have a good life after all.

What a wonderful book. It made me feel extremely humble and thankful for my life and the things that certainly I and lots of other people take for granted on a daily basis. So emotional, I do have to confess to having a tear or two!

I became completely consumed by this book totally immersing myself into the plot and never wanting to leave. It taught me about making the most of what you have, whatever that may be, and making sure that you live your life to the full. You are in control of your life. No one else. But there are people that can help and its ok to ask for and receive help.

Brilliantly written, showing how a dreadful life-changing situation can be turned upside down, shaken up and make an inspirational and highly motivational comeback, this was a fabulous book which is full of hope, laughter and joy and I feel privileged to have read it! It really was an absolute pleasure to read.

I love the way that my heart lifted through Alice's words and I hoped with all my heart for a happy ending. The lead character Cass, was an amazing lady with such courage and strength and I really resonated with her thoughts and emotions.  She is the sort of author that you discover through one book and then go out and buy everything she has ever written devouring them all with a hunger for her incredible writing.

It was lovely to speak to Alice, the author, who told me that the book is inspired by and dedicated to Sarah Orr, who following her C7 spinal-cord injury at the age of 16 returned to school. Alice met her for the first time in 2006 when she was studying for a Masters in Human Rights and she told Alice all about her experiences of backpacking across the world. Alice refers to Sarah as a lady who has determination, spirit, humour, stubbornness, talent, grace and beauty along with endless patience.

My attention was drawn while reading this book to two fabulous charities. The work they do is unbelievable, and if I had not read this book I would not have been aware of either of these two charities.  If you get the chance to share with your friends the wonderful work that these two charities do, it would be awesome. 

Canine Partners is a charity that helps disabled people enjoy a greater independence and a better quality of life through the help of specially trained dogs. To learn more about this charity, please follow them on Twitter and take a look at their website

Another amazing charity is the Backup Trust who like to be referred to as Backup. Backup is a national charity that has helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds rebuild their confidence and independence after a devastating spinal-cord injury. To find out more about Backup, please follow them on Twitter and go to their website

Alice Peterson was a professional tennis player before suffering rheumatoid arthritis which ended her sporting career. She has written two non-fiction books, a personal story called A Will To Win which has been updated and republished as Another Alice, and a family memoir based on her grandmother's life in Rhodesia. Her fiction has received outstanding reviews and her ebook Monday To Friday Man was one of the best selling ebooks a of 2012. By My Side is her third novel for Quercus. Alice lives in West London.

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