Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review - Just Add Spice by Carol E Wyer

Today I have the absolute pleasure of hosting fabulous best-selling author Carol E. Wyer on her blog tour. Here's my review of Just Add Spice. Carol is running a fab competition too today with some superb prizes. 
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My review 

Dawn Ellis thinks that her life is dull and boring. Her hubby is unemployed and spends all day complaining about everything and everyone and generally is a real grump watching rubbish TV and not helping around the house. 

Dawn joins a local writing group which is really good for her. There, she meets lots of unusual characters all going through the process of writing a novel. One of the men there, Jason, becomes a little more than friendly towards her ..........

She writes about vivacious character Cinnamon Knight, the exact opposite of herself and the two lives become entwined more than she ever thought possible.

I loved the storyline of Just Add Spice, it really was a real treat to read. It was funny, sad, true to life in many parts, and so very enjoyable and entertaining. Dawn was such a wonderful character who I became completely involved with and empathised with and Cinnamon was everything that Dawn wasn't. Or was she? 

I adored the writing group, such an eclectic group of people that all had their own interesting stories and all of them were budding authors. I would love to join that writing group! 

Carol is such a wonderful author. She manages to take all the things that annoy you in life, makes them funny and also makes you think that you can't possibly be the only one who is thinking these things. Her books are full of wit and a ton of humour which make them such an entertaining read. 

I wish Carol every success with this book, I'm sure that it will be a huge winner! 





Carol E Wyer said...

I'm so, so pleased you enjoyed it, Kim. Thank you for this wonderful review. I am buzzing now and off to recharge my glass at the party. I hope you'll be submitting this for that really spicy prize! XXXX

Kit Domino said...

Sounds another great fun read from Carol. Wishing her all the best with it!.

Sheryl said...

FAB review, Kim. I totally agree. FAB book! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

jaffareadstoo..... said...

Great post - I really enjoyed reading Just Add Spice and have loved being part of the blog tour today :)