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Review: It's Raining Men by Milly Johnson

I have been well and truly Milly Johnsoned!

Claire, Marie and Lara have more than they could ever know in common with each other. Friends through the years, they all need extremely busy lives and do not even have the time to catch up with each other. But when one of them insists on getting  together, in a two week break of rest and recuperation, after each of them have suffered a dreadful time in their lives with the men they are with, a spa break is just what they need.

However, They are all completely devastated when the planes that the satnav takes them to is a cottage in the village of Ren Dullem. As they arrive in the middle of the night and plan to get to the correct destination the following day. However the spa is fully booked so they have no alternative but to stay in Well Cottage. They appear to have stumbled upon a village which is full of secrets, and being the type of women that they are aim to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I'm not sure what the gift that Millie has is, but she is capable of totally drawing me into every single one of her stories wrapping a huge shawl of love, pleasure and delight around my shoulders while I become deeply ensconced in her wonderful storylines and mesmerised with the characters.

Millie's books are always full of romance, friendship and love in a way that a great big dose of real life also plays a huge part.

I seriously wanted to be there with the girls. I felt every emotion that they felt and I lived through the run up to the holiday with each of them as well as being with them in Ren Dullem.  I pictured the village and the people who lived there. I wanted to be there and be part of their lives.  If the cottage would have had a fourth bedroom, it would have had my name on it.

Whenever I get a new Milly Johnson book, I know that my life has to go on hold. This was another book that I couldn't put down, desperate to find out what was going to happen to my new friends. I read it in a day. Couldn't tear myself away.

Milly Johnson  has always been one of my most favourite authors.  For me, A Spring Affair was always my favourite book of hers, but I have to say that It's Raining Men has taken a very special place in my heart.  I honestly think that this is her best book yet!

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Milly Johnson was born, raised and still lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. As well as being an author of 8 published novels, she is also a copywriter for the greetings card industry, a joke-writer, a columnist, after dinner speaker, poet and a BBC radio presenter.

She wrote her first book 'Judith in the Land of Buns, Biscuits and Cakes' whilst still at school - an opus that remains tragically unpublished. It was only when a ex-boss called Barnsley 'A Joke Town' that she resolved to write a book about Barnsley folk and to show that the town is actually quite a nice, friendly place to grow up and live in.

She writes about love, life, friendships, rather nice food, a little bit of magic and, in her last book - A Winter Flame - reindeer, elves and theme parks in Barnsley.

When not writing, she is usually shouting at her two teenage sons to put things AWAY, watching Jeremy Kyle or being walked by her Eurasier dog Teddy, who also has a column in the local paper and gets paid more than she does.

Milly's website is and she blogs at

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