Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review - The Doll's House by Louise Phillips

Wow! Louise Phillips strikes again.

Psychologist Dr Kate Pearson receives a call to say that the police have found
a middle aged male, with multiple stab wounds, drowned in the canal. She is 
invited by Detective Inspector O'Connor to join him in trying to solve the case.

Clodagh is not coping well with the recent death of her mother. She has begun 
to look into her past and try to find lost memories of her father who died years 
ago and a tragedy that happened when she was a child that she knows she 
knows something about but she cannot retrieve the finer details.  She visits a 
hypnotherapist and finds some of these memories returning to her. 

While Kate helps the investigation, the killer has already chosen his next victim 
and Kate and O'Connor have to put the pieces together along with Clodagh's lost 
memories to solve the puzzle.

Another action packed crime thriller from this bestselling author. It certainly gave 
me a really fascinating insight into how hypnosis can assist you in retrieving lost 

I had my suspicions as to who the killer might be, but with each paragraph I read, I kept changing my mind and didn't 
know for sure until the last few pages who it actually was. I was wrong too! 
I love the way that Louise writes with such suspense and intrigue.  There were some tense moments when I found 
myself actually holding my breath not knowing what was coming next.   
This book was a brilliant reading experience for me.  I couldn't put it down whilst at the same time, being a little wary 
about what was going to happen. It was the first crime/thriller novel I've read for a while and it's got me wanting to read 
more (obviously in broad daylight!).
I really wanted to protect Clodagh and loved reading more about Kate Pearson and her life outside of work.  O'Connor 
is a really interesting character too and I do love a sequel so that even though a book ends the story and the 
characters live on
Once again I'm sure this will be a roaring success and very much deserved for this terrific award-winning author who 
should be found on the shelves between the likes of MandaSue Heller, Patricia Cornwall and James Patterson. 

Born in Dublin author Louise Phillips returned to writing in 2006 after rising her family. Her best selling debut novel Red Ribbons was shortlisted for Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year 2012 in the Irish 
book awards. The Dolls House is her second novel.  She has won many awards for her short stories.  

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