Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review - Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People by Deborah Durbin

This book was right up my street and I loved it! Can't wait to read the next one!

Samantha Ball is not only single, but is over £20,000 in debt and is struggling to find a job and pay her rent when she is offered a job on a psychic helpline which answers calls to people who want to know their future.  She decides to take the job on board as there's not much chance of doing the job she is trained to do (which is counselling people who have a fear of vegetables - I think my son may have that actually) but she finds that she is very lucky each time she talks to a caller and is extremely accurate.  

When she starts to actually hear real voices in her head, and spirits really are contacting her, she can't believe that she can actually do this for real while paying off her debts and make a career for herself.  Her future is looking rosy, when it is turned upside down but who has double crossed her?

Samantha is a fab lead character and Jack, her "best friend" is just adorable and you so want them to become a couple. Sam is in the early days of grieving for her father and the more you find out about her mother, who is also grieving, you realise that she is an absolute hoot!  Other best friend Amy is a real character too. 

Being a real believer in the world of spirit, I could totally "get" this book.  The fact that so many people look to mediums and clairvoyants (and I'm counting me as one of these people) to help them through grief was totally understandable and they felt completely helped by the messages that they were receiving. For those of you who are regular readers of my blog,you may know that I lost my dear Mom nearly 7 years ago now and I really do feel that going to see a medium at certain times has helped me massively.  After losing my lovely dad just a few months ago, will mean that I will again go to see this amazing medium who has helped me to see if I can gain the same comfort to help me through the grief and pain that I am currently experiencing. I think that these are the very reasons which meant that I could throw myself into this book whole-heartedly and devour every page.

I loved the relationship that Sam and Jack have.  Best friends but not boyfriend and girlfriend and you almost will them to get together.  They are both lovely, warm, genuinely likeable and believable characters that Deborah Durbin has created and I really did have to make myself pick up my computer tonight instead of getting stuck immediately after I'd finished this book into the follow-up - Great, Now I Can See Dead People.

Deborah's words flow easily and it was written so well and descriptively that you can easily conjure up the images in your mind and picture the story taking place.  I found the end, quite surprising to be honest although very fitting and wonderful but it was just not what I was expecting so the surprise was a good one! 

Deborah Durbin is not only a mom to three daughters and a wife, she is also a freelance writer, author and journalist writing for many publications. Deborah specialises in health, family, lifestyle, general interest, women's issues, mind, body and spirit features and print and digital publishing. 

She is also a columnist for two national magazines.  She has worked as an undercover journalist and a court reporter and is a qualified proofreader and copy editor.  Deborah isn't on Facebook or Twitter as yet. 

You can find out more about Deborah at her website http://www.deborahdurbin.com/

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