Saturday, 29 December 2012

Review - The Pollyanna Plan by Talli Roland

A fairy tale romance, perfect to brighten up a winter's day.

Emma was a hard-working underwriter in the world of insurance. Boyfriend George was a catch, but did her life make her happy? She had a soul-less flat, was a workaholic and had shut away her feelings in a compartment after she lost her dad to terminal illness alienating her mom and her mom's new family when she remarried. She went through life thinking that the worst would happen then wasn't too disappointed when it did!

When she lost her job, and within minutes found George canoodling with another woman, she decided over cocktails with her one and only friend Alice, that from now on she would only look at the positives in her life!   It was while she was hunting down a particular colour to paint her flat that reminded her of her dad, that she met and was attracted to Will who worked in the paint department at her local DIY centre. 

Will had recently been diagnosed with MS hand the last thing he needed was a girlfriend who might run a mile when they found out,like the last one had. He tried to push his feelings for Emma away although he really liked her, and she constantly got mixed messages from him which confused and upset her!

Talli Roland's books are always lively and fresh and full of loveliness.  They are also funny and refreshing. The Pollyanna Plan was all of these things and more. She creates perfect characters, believable plots and delivers fabulously hilarious lines all the way through which make you cough and splutter!

It was thoroughly enjoyable to read, a delightfully romantic story with a perfect fairy tale ending. 

Congratulations to Talli who recently gave birth to a very gorgeous baby boy! I'm sure he'll have some wonderful bedtime stories from a very early age from this lovely lady who again I had the privilege of meeting at the Festival of Romance.  She'll make a fantastic mom and I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, wish the family a very happy and healthy future.

Talli writes funny and romantic fiction. She lives in London and admits openly on her website to having a crush on Sir Alan Sugar!

Her debut novel, The Hating Game was in the top 100 on Amazon Kindle UK for over 75 days. I was lucky enough to review Watching Willow Watts earlier this year which was a great read, and you can read my review of this book here.

She also writes the 24 Hours travel guides under the name of Marsha Moore. You can find out more about Talli at her website or read her entertaining posts at her blogsite

You can buy this book via Amazon UK
You can follow Talli on Twitter by clicking here.


Talli Roland said...

Thank you much for taking the time to read and review - but most of all, for your lovely, kind words of support and encouragement on Baby TR. They really mean a lot!

Happy holidays, Kim. Sending love to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

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