Thursday, 27 December 2012

Review of Novella - A Christmas Gift by Jill Rowan

When Jill Rowan told me that she'd written a novella which carried on from where The Legacy finished, I couldn't wait to read it.  
The Legacy (my review can be found here) was an amazing book which was a romantic, time-travelling, historical mixture of gorgeousness. 
I can't really tell you much about this follow-on without spoiling it for you but if you have read The Legacy, this is a lovely insight into what happened one day following the end of the book.  It was sweet, lovely and romantic. 
If you haven't read The Legacy, you need to click here and buy it, as it's one of the most amazing and enjoyable books that I've read this year. 
Jill Rowan was born in Hertfordshire, England, but now lives in the Shropshire countryside. She gave up a career in accounts to pursue her passion for writing. She has both a BA and a BSc. from the Open University, is a keen photographer and also enjoys natural history, walking, cycling, travel, and endless amounts of reading.

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