Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Review - When I Fall In Love by Miranda Dickinson

An emotional story of love and loss and trying to find love again.

Elsie is a young widow who lost the love of her life to terminal cancer.  She has decided after a while of being out of circulation and trying to get her head around everything, that it’s time to put herself out again in the worlds of life and dating as she knows that’s what her hubby would want her to do.  She knows that because he left her notes which she reads every day. 

When her sister double dares her to do something she is watched by former 80s rock star Woody and between them they launch a community choir project.  This becomes a godsend to the people in the choir for many different reasons and they all support each other.   Then a request from a member, invites her to take on her biggest demon – a trip to Paris.  Can she do it or will she crumble under the pressure?   There are two significant men in her life; Olly who she thinks she might be able to imagine a future with, and Torin, who is an annoying, self obsessed jerk who seems to turn up in the most unexpected places!

Miranda Dickinson has an exquisite way of writing stories that let you into the innermost emotions of the characters.  Elsie is a fabulous character, and you feel like a member of her family because on one hand you want to wrap her up in cotton wool and protect her from the world as she’s been through so much, but at the same time you feel that you need to give her a big nudge and a helping hand as you want her to start living her life again and find happiness.

The story was told in a very touching and moving way, sensitively written around the illness that her husband suffered, and talking about their special and cherished short time together but also excited as she began to embrace a whole new life with new friends, experiences and achievements. 

I was delighted to meet the fab Miranda at the Festival of Romance recently and listened to her reading an extract from this book which was awesome because I've never heard an author read their own work when I've already read it!  A really great moment. I love her writing and the person who designs her book covers gets a massive thumbs up from me because I think her covers are all spectacularly gorgeous. 
Miranda Dickinson has always had a head full of stories. Born in 1973 in Wolverhampton, she grew up in Kingswinford and dreamed of one day writing a book that would reach the heady heights of Kingswinford Library.  Her award-winning novels include Fairytale of New York (2009), Welcome to My World (2010), and It Started With A Kiss (2011).

Miranda now lives in Stourbridge, in the Black Country and is also a singer-songwriter with albums and you can check out her music here: http://www.wurdystore.com/.

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D.J. Kirkby said...

The book sounds fabulous, and Miranda sounds very multi-skilled. I may need more chocolate....