Thursday, 6 December 2012

Launch of A Grave Inheritance by Anne Renshaw


agh_anne_renshaw_V2Delighted today to be able to share some great news from a lovely author called Joanne Phillips (author of Can't Live Without - my review can be found here) - the fact that she is VERY proud daughter.
Joanne's mum is called Anne Renshaw and she's written a book called A Grave Inheritance which is launched in Kindle edition this week and due to be brought out in paperback version in the new year. 
Jo says she's a little biased, but says that it really is a good read.
Anne is learning all about using social media and about the whole marketing side of launching a book so I thought I'd help her out a little by sharing links to this great book which I'm really looking forward to reading and reviewing very soon. 
Here's a bit of blurb about the book:
Grace and Amelia looked at the gravestone propped up against a tree, its surface tinged green with age and moss. Grace had already scraped away accumulated dirt and grime to reveal a crudely chiselled out initial, name and date. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, Amelia read the inscription.

When their parents died, Amelia and Grace Farrell believed they had no other family. Then out of the blue a letter arrives informing them they have inherited a cottage from their paternal grandfather. Amelia and Grace move into the cottage and make Woodbury their home, but when Grace finds a headstone in the garden, they are plunged straight into an age-old mystery.
Infatuated with the handsome vicar, Amelia looks to him for help, and Grace wants to know if he has any gravestones missing. But it is an elderly aunt, and an old diary which hold the answers to secrets long buried. Grace decides to look into their past for the truth, but someone is determined to stop her.
Unknowingly, Grace puts both their lives in danger and they realise they must face the consequences so that the dead can be laid to rest at last.
When the wrong twin, Laurence Deverell, is brutally murdered, John Farrell does his best to cover up the crime, trying only to protect his wife and daughter. Seventeen years later when history is about to repeat itself, the murderer strikes again, and this time, they make no mistakes.
If you have now decided that you would like to read it for yourself, you can download your copy via these links:
Anne has a blog too and you can also say hello on her blog here.
Mum profile croppedAnne Renshaw was born just as the Second World War ended, the youngest of five sisters. Her mother, Sophia, instilled in all her daughters the love of reading. Anne in particular was captivated by historical dramas and mysteries.
Anne began by writing short stories for her two young daughters in the 1980s. After she retired, her love of creative writing returned with a passion, and so began her first novel, A GRAVE INHERITANCE. She is married and lives in the Oswestry area of Shropshire with her husband.

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