Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review - Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey

A delightful festive read. 
Anna has had a difficult past.  Since she was a young girl, before being abandoned by her Mom, she has dreamt about having a wedding on Christmas Eve and her dream is coming true as she is marrying her fiance on Christmas Eve.  She has the whole thing planned down to the very last detail.
The only thing she didn't bargain for is the fact that her husband  to be Tom forgot to tell her that he was already married!  To a Las Vegas dancer he met a few years ago when he was in the USA.  Because she wants her dream to come true so much, she flies off to New York to sort it out leaving her best friend Eve & Tom behind.  What she has also missed is that Eve has a secret that she's also been hiding.  Anna meets an old friend Miles on the plane, who insists on helping her out while he is waiting for an audition which could be his big break in the world of music. 
This is a wonderful book, full of fun, romance, laughs and love.  The trip to New York made me feel like I was there myself experiencing a snow-covered Christmas in New York which is something I've always fancied.  

Each character was perfectly created, Anna in particular was a great lead role even though I found her a bit was a bit over enthusiastic with her organisation and lists but as her character let go a bit in New York, she became great fun, and her personality developed beautifully and I loved her even more.  Miles and Tom were very different leading males in the story but both equally likeable and Eve is the sort of best friend you would want in your life fighting your corner. 

Married by Christmas is a fun-filled romance that is purely delightful, fabulously festive to cosy up on the sofa with, and with lots of laughs thrown in to keep you thoroughly entertained.   
Scarlett also writes as Rowan Coleman and I reviewed one of her books - Dearest Rose - recently too.  You can find that review here
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