Friday, 14 September 2012

Review - Warrant For Love by Sheryl Browne

Well, she's done it again. Sheryl Browne has created another fabulous book full of lots of laughs. Warrant For Love is the third of Sheryl’s summer reads, and every one of them have been fab. The first was Recipes for Disaster and the second Somebody to Love and my reviews of them can be found by clicking on the name of the book.
Paul is in the police force and has split  up from his wife and living apart from his beloved son James.  His wife is now living with his superior at work which is causing him a few problems as he's really winding Paul up!
Leanne is seeing Richard who turns out to be a complete snake and a cheat and when she finds female footprints on his windscreen, and she storms out of the car, he lets her roam the streets in a known red light area and when the cops come, he drives off leaving them to take her to the station.  Paul is one of her arresting officers and when she is eventually released Paul tries to apologize to her but fails miserably.  Because Richard owed her money that she’s never likely to see again she thinks about taking in a lodger. She's looking for a lodger and Paul's looking for a home which seems a perfectly easy situation to remedy apart from the fact that they quite fancy each other.
Leanne has two best friends; one her sister Nikki who is having problems with her husband Steve and their three children and Jade her other best friend who is scared for anyone to get close to her but has started a relationship with her boss and doesn't want him to know that she really likes him.
Sheryl  Browne has such a wonderful way of creating humour in her books, that make them so easy to read and completely unputdownable.  There is always something going on, making it fast paced and interesting and a hero to rescue the leading lady who is continuously getting herself into trouble.
Every one of its 265 pages are a pleasure and a delight to read and the quick wit and humour make them really enjoyable, bright and breezy. Sheryl's writing is wonderful even though she has a thing about writing about police officers (I think it must be the uniform!)
This is a really good fun read, about three girlfriends and their relationships with not only each other but their families too. Will any of them ever experience true love? Of course you have to find out by reading the book yourself. As you know there's no way I will ever spoil an ending but what I will tell you is that it was fantastic ending and a brilliant finale to the book.  
Out of the three books of Sheryl's that I have read, I think this has to be my favourite. 
Sheryl Browne is a mum, a business partner, a school critique partner, and a disabled dog fosterer as well as a lovely lady and fabulous author with a terrific sense of humour which comes through in her writing. She grew up in Birmingham and studied art and design and now lives in Droitwich in the Midlands.

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Sheryl said...

Yay!! YessSSS! I've been having kittens about this book! Really! Well, OK, not actually... I have been having a worry though. Authors do. I think you get so close to your characters, you just can't tell if it's good or not in the end - which is why we need lovely, gorgeous reviewers, like you!! THANK you soooo much, Kim! I know I've been a bit prolific :). I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my books and then post up such a FABulous review! BIG HUGS! :) xx

Nicky Wells said...

Aw, Sheryl, I can feel your excitement all the way over here. Kim, do you realise the power of the review? Awesome. Thanks for such a glorious review, and many deserved congrats to Sheryl. Doing a happy dance for you both. Rock on! x

Kim The Book Worm said...

You are very welcome Sheryl. Reading great books is no hardship at all, I just wish I could fit more in! I said in my last radio interview that I want someone to design a "DO NOT DISTURB - I AM READING" sign. I think I need to have a word with our graphic design director at work to make me one that people can download from my site. In fact I think that's a fantastic idea - I'm going to ask her right now!

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thanks Nicky - that's such a lovely thing to say xxx

Linn B Halton said...

I love Sheryl's books! She is the romcom Queen, so I totally agree with you Kim. What Nicky says is so true - readers and reviewers literally shape our careers. Each review is like a gift and we treasure each because there's no point in writing if no one wants to read your work. It's asking a lot of readers to not only take the time to read, but to post reviews about a book. When you have so many coming in, it is rather nice though and makes an author feel 'chosen' when it's their book in the spotlight. I can't think of anyone more deserving than the lovely Sheryl!

Janice Horton said...

What a super review for what sounds like a fantastic read. I don't know how you do it, Sheryl - but I'm glad you do. I agree that you really are the Romcom Queen!

Anonymous said...

This book was fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Kim, your reviews are always fantastic so thanks for posting. I loved Sheryl's first book and this looks like a winner too! Thanks!

KimatSafkhet said...

thank you Kim for writing this review and posting it! I am so happy that people like you are out there, willing to read and write about their reading! Wonderful you :)

Sheryl Browne said...

Thanks for reposting, Kim. You're a total star! :) xx