Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review - Jen's Story: Torn Between Two Times

Last year I read a book by Carol Arnall called The Other Place and I absolutely loved it (my review can be found here) so when Carol told me she'd written another book I asked her if she would let me review it and she agreed - yay!

Jen has a miserable life! After her Dad died, her mother married again and her step family treated her terribly. She never goes out and has no friends. When her stepfather takes one step just too far she does something she wishes she'd done many years before and leaves.

She starts a whole new life in a flat in the North West where she knows no-one but more importantly no-one knows her. She becomes agoraphobic but sees her two spirit friends all the time and becomes interested in the spirit world and starts to work as an online psychic doing readings for people. She becomes very good friends with a local man who has a daughter that has imaginary friends. 

One day she takes a taxi ride when her car breaks down and she has a huge surprise when she finds herself being dropped off by the taxi at the house she shares with her husband Geoff and her daughter Claire in a life that she knows nothing about in the 1960's. 

Jen's Story is about her living in two very different lives and eventually she has to choose between the two.  Can she leave her family behind, or can she leave the present to go back?

Everything that I loved about The Other Place I saw again in Jen's Story and completely adored it. Carol Arnall has a lovely style of writing which makes the story easy to read and unputdownable. The plot delightfully swapped from present to past and vice versa, making it thoroughly interesting and you learn such a lot about Jen who is a wonderful and lovely character and her innermost thoughts and feelings.   The way she writes her scenes makes it easy to envisage the places she describes and you can almost imagine yourself right by Jen's side sharing her experiences.

I was disappointed and devastated when this book came to an end as I could have honestly carried on reading it forever. The ending could not have been more perfect in my eyes and I'm so glad she chose the same life that I would have too.  

It was not a large book, just over 200 pages so it's a reasonably quick read but to be honest if it was double the size I still would have been engrossed and involved with it. It was a book that I was thinking about even when I was away from it, desperate to pick it back up and read more about these interesting and fascinating characters and storyline. 

Carol lives near Cannock Chase in Staffordshire (yay - a local girl to me!) When she is not writing, she loves taking photographs of the deer on Cannock Chase and also loves embroidery.

Following a serious road accident in the late 1980s, Carol decided that as she could not return to work, she would write a book. Always having an interest in the Supernatural she has written a number of ghostly booklets, later combining them into Mysterious Happenings. Carol has also written other books, Memories of Rugeley, Dreams Explained, Birmingham Girls and Choosing Your Psychic Pathway..

She decided to turn her hand to writing fiction in 2007, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing Dancing with Spirits and Spirits of the Lights the sequel. Both are full of mystical happenings. The Other Place was Carol's third novel.

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