Sunday, 30 September 2012

Review - Do Me No Harm by Julie Corbin

A gripping and fast-paced psychological thriller!

When single mom and Doctor Olivia is called to hospital she is told that her son has taken an overdose, but she finds it pretty unbelievable that he could do such a thing and thinks his drink was spiked.  As a doctor she took an oath - to do no harm to others.   One night, her and her family return home, to find a distressing word placed strategically in their house and she now wonders whether it is herself who is being targetted rather than her son.

She spends her time investigating the evidence and revisiting her past, and to a mistake she made when she was a student Doctor and disaster struck.   Someone who knows about her past is terrorising her and her children and she is determined to find out who and why!

This book certainly had me holding my breath in places and wanting to read it hidden behind a cushion.  It was gripping, fast-paced and heart-poundingly tense.  

It shows what lengths a Mother will go to, to protect her children and also shows how some people cannot let the past go without it affecting the rest of their lives.  It shows a family who are so strongly bonded that they will stick together through thick and thin even though the edges are sometimes a little blurred. 

The book showed that secrets that were kept from Olivia many years ago, by people who didn't think she could handle the truth, and thought that she would never find out about, came back to bite her and affect her life now. 

Brilliantly written, with just the right amount of suspense to make you nervous but not over distressed, this book was one that I couldn't put down.  I was determined to help Olivia to solve the mystery and couldn't rest until I knew what was happening. 

Olivia put herself into many situations where I really was concerned for her safety and wanted to shout at her not to do certain things. 

With a mysterious and wonderfully designed cover, this book called to me from the minute it arrived in the post.  The cover made it so appealling and I could feel a wonderful energy from this book.  It was an extremely engrossing read. 

This was the first book that I have read from Julie Corbin but I can assure you it most certainly won't be the last. 

Julie was born and lived in Scotland, until her husband's job took the family to Sussex where they now live.  They have three sons; two are still at home, the eldest is working in Hong Kong.
Her writing started at primary school and after completing a creative writing certificate in June 2007, she found an agent and went from strength to strength.  In 2009 Julie gave up her job to write full time. Her favourite time of day is when walking her dog on the Ashdown Forest and that’s usually when characters take shape in her head. 

For any aspiring writers out there, her advice would be to stick at it, sign up for some courses, make writer friends, start your own writing group, listen to criticism, digest it, act on it – don’t give up!
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