Sunday, 30 September 2012

Review - The Quintessential Gemini by Linn B Halton

Another brilliant book from one of my favourite authors.

After being made redundant Katherine moved into a small house in the country where she has decided to write a book. 

She has always followed her horoscope very closely and when it seems to suddenly go adrift and she is left not knowing which way to turn, she writes to Mark who is the guy who writes them expressing her distress.  Or should I say the guy she thought wrote them! The guy who really wrote them is actually called James.

They get into an email argument yet when it calms down, she realises that this man is becoming someone that she likes and can share things with via email communication.  When she realises that she actually knows this man, it takes on a whole new dimension. 

I certainly had a lot of empathy for Katherine as I do know what it's like to be made redundant from a company at which made thought you belonged and then all of a sudden you feel like you're not worthy of anything and it's one of those life-changing situations that is very difficult to handle.  I wish I'd thought to write a book when it happened to me!

Don't let the fact that Katherine bases much of her life around astrology and horoscopes put you off. They are important to the plot and are delightfully referred to throughout this highly entertaining and lovable story.   When you learn more about James, you discover that he's a wonderful man and has a fabulous relationship with the elderly gent who lives next door. 

This was definitely one of those books which makes you switch off from the outside world and escape into a world of make believe but one that you would love to be involved with. 

Linn has a wonderful way of creating the most wonderful characters that you want to be best friends with.  Her characters  and her scenes are believable and wonderful.  You can imagine yourself sat in the kitchen with Katherine while she is writing her book and can picture everything that is mentioned within your imagination.  

This was a delightful read, like every other book of Linn's that I have read.  This is a book which will make you laugh and it will make you cry.  And she always manages to create a perfect ending!

I met Linn earlier this year and she is a lovely, generous, warm and wonderful person and this shines through in her writing.  I know that she is writing more and I'm SO looking forward to reading more from this modest lady.  

Linn B Halton lives in the small Gloucestershire village of Arlingham on the banks of the river severn with her adorable husband and cat with attitude Mr Tiggs! Linn and Lawrence have renovated many houses over the years and she writes romantic fiction with a psychic or astrological theme and many of the paranormal events that feature in her books are real life experiences.

She has written about some of these experiences in Being A Sceptic is Oh So Easy.

Linn wrote Touched By The Light shortly after the death of her mother and is a big advocate of the waying "seeing is believing!"


You can learn more about Linn at her website and also read more about


Linn B Halton said...

Oh wow Kim, what a fabulous review! It's so appreciated, thank you for taking the time to get to know Katherine. I've been offline editing since 6am this morning and I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open. I briefly caught up with Twitter and am so glad I did! It's nice to crawl into bed on a high! Lxx

Janice Horton said...

I loved this book too,and must admit to being an avid horoscope reader. And you are right, Kim, this story does make you laugh and cry, which is always a sign of a good read to me!

Myra Duffy said...

As a Gemini how could I not be intrigued by this!

Sheryl said...

The only woman I know who works in her sleep! FAB review, Lin/Kim! Well done you! :) xx

Linn B Halton said...

Actually the key is not to sleep ha! ha! I can sleep later when life isn't so busy! Thanks for popping by Janice, Myra and Sheryl and a big hug to Kim for a fab review! What a shot in the arm! Lxx

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