Monday, 2 June 2014

Review - After The Honeymoon by Janey Fraser

About the Book
Three couples. One honeymoon destination....
Emma never wanted to marry Tom, let alone go away without the children. But then the girls at work give her a honeymoon voucher. Enter Yannis, the local lothario..
Winston is the nation’s Keep Fit bachelor darling. Newspapers are agog when he marries Melissa, newly-divorced mother of two. But when her teenagers disrupt their honeymoon, his past is revealed....
Rosie was homeless and pregnant when she arrived at the Villa Rosa, sixteen years ago, but now she’s the owner. Winston might not remember her, but she’s never forgotten him…
By the end of the week, none of their lives are the same. But what happens after the honeymoon?
What did I think?
For starters I wanted to go to Villa Rosa and never leave! I could quite understand why Rosie had stayed there.  I could actually feel myself eating delicious greek food on the terrace, sunbathing round the pool with the characters and strolling along the beach and felt the sun beating down on my face.  I would definitely be googling a holiday to Villa Rosa if it were real.  It was definitely my type of place.
I loved the characters, particularly Rosie who seemed like a genuinely good person who had spent her life doing all she could for her son and adored the relationship she had with her son. I loved the way that the characters lives were all intertwined with each other, there was tons going on in the plot, but it was all very easy to follow and read about.  
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, found it incredibly entertaining and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to the characters and their troubled lives.   It was a really easy book to read, the pages just kept on turning themselves. 
About the author
Janey Fraser is the pen name for journalist Jane Bidder who also writes as Sophie King.
Her previous novels include THE SCHOOL RUN and THE WEDDING PARTY which was short listed for Love Story of the Year 2010.
For many years, Jane was a journalist on women’s magazines and until recently, edited the family page of Woman. Now she writes ‘ MUM LIT’ novels about the ups and downs of family life.
She has three children of her own which gives her plenty of experience to write about. 
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