Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The No-Kids Club by Talli Roland

Congratulations to the lovely Talli Roland whose book "The No-Kids" is out today.  Here's the blurb about the book.  I can't wait to read it.  Talli is a brilliant author whose books are full of life and vitality and make you just want to jump right into them.  It's right at the top of my to be read pile.  I'm nearly there!

At almost forty, Clare Donoghue is living child-free and loving it.
Then her boyfriend says he wants kids, breaking off their promising relationship. And it’s not just boyfriends: one by one, her formerly carefree friends are swallowed up in a nonstop cycle of play dates and baby groups. So Clare decides it’s time for people who don’t have children to band together. And so the No-Kids Club is born.
As the group comes together—Anna, who’s seeking something to jumpstart a stale marriage, and Poppy, desperate for a family but unable to conceive—Clare’s hoping to make the most of the childless life with her new friends.
Will the No-Kids Club be Clare’s route to happiness, or will the single life lose its sparkle?
'The No-Kids Club is another winner by Talli Roland! It was well-written and fast-paced, and enjoyable to the very last page.’ —The Book Chick
You can buy "The No-Kids Club"  from Amazon.co.uk here, or from Amazon.com here

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