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Interview with Talli Roland

So pleased that fabulous author of the recently released No-Kids Club Talli Roland has joined me on the blog today and let me interrogate, sorry, interview her!  I read and reviewed the No-Kids Club and that review can be found here

Hope you enjoy our chat!

When did you write your first book and what inspired you to write? 

I wrote my first book when I was thirteen, and it was dire. Called GLINT OFF THE GOLD, it followed the journey of a handicapped diver who was striving for the Olympics. I sent it off to numerous publishers and even received a few letters back with editorial suggestions. At the time, I didn’t understand how rare that was, and I felt a little miffed that anyone dared advise me on my book. 

I’ve always loved writing. There’s something magical about creating a world from your mind and seeing characters spill out onto the page. 

How would you describe your writing to someone who has never read your books? 

I’d say I write bittersweet and witty contemporary women’s fiction, with strong female protagonists. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind The No-Kids Club? 

The differing and sometimes judgmental attitudes towards women who don’t have children and those who do inspired me to write The No-Kids Club. Having been on both sides of the chasm, I do wish there was more understanding between the two camps. Often, women with kids are seen as succumbing to societal pressure, while those without are labelled selfish . . . vastly unfair and hurtful if someone can’t have children. While my infant son napped, I detailed the journeys of three women, each of whom didn’t have kids for their own reasons. While the novel is obviously about children, it’s also about acceptance and making the choice that is right for you and your relationship. 

Before you had your son, would you have joined a club such as this?

Oh, definitely! Approaching my late thirties, I was oblivious to any ticking clock or aging eggs, and the most maternal instinct I ever experienced was relief when a baby next to me stopped crying. I wasn’t against children per se, but I had no desire to listen to endless banter about breastfeeding and potty training.

Are you the sort of parent whose child fits in with you so life hasn’t changed much, or is your life is completely different?

The first part of your question made me laugh! As a writer working from home, it was inevitable that the arrival of my son would change my life dramatically. No longer do I have vast stretches of quiet time, and my office is now his nursery. I’m very lucky that, as challenging as it is, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time watching him grow and develop while still keeping my writing career on track. 

What advice would you give to a pregnant mum? 

Read The Baby Whisperer! Seriously, as a clueless mum-to-be, that book helped me so much. Of course you need to tailor things to your own baby’s needs and personality, but having that baseline knowledge was great.

Is there anything you wish you’d have been told that you weren’t when you were pregnant? 

I wish someone had told me that the first few weeks are incredibly tiring and such a huge adjustment, and that it’s okay if you’re not feeling up to it sometimes. Just doing your best and getting through the day is all right! I put a lot of pressure on myself to get into the groove quickly but babies do not always respond to our own schedules. 

How do you now fit in your writing around having a young child? 

When my baby was young, I’d write while he napped. Now that he’s older and sleeping less, I do most of my work when he’s in nursery three mornings a week, and when he’s not, I get up at five in the morning. My brain doesn’t function past 4 p.m., so I’m useless at night!

What’s next for Talli Roland? 

I’m now working on my next novel, THE EVERYTHING DREAM, about a woman who must choose between supporting her family or following her passion. I’m on the fourth draft now, and it’s getting there!

Can't wait to read it Talli and thanks so much for joining me today!

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