Friday 31 January 2014

Review - Sweet Lady by Elaine Spires

Wow! Not many books leave me seaching for words but this one sure did!
And right now as of today 3rd May 2014, this book is free to download right here:

I read Elaine's first book What's Eating Me recently and my review can be found here.  It was fab! 

This book, which is her third, was completely different.  Set in both England and Antigua, where Eleanor is a well-known artist and Victoria, her daughter, is her PA.  Spending a winter in Antigua before Eleanor's latest exhibition, the two ladies live a chilled-out, relaxed life (one I could have quite happily joined in with to be totally honest!) until local beach-bum Tyrone enters their lives and their lives are affected in ways they never expected.  

This book had two massive twists, the first, really threw me, I was SO not expecting the plot to unfold that way.  The biggest twist however, in the final page or two of the book, left me completely and utterly gobsmacked! My feelings were all over the place. My emotions towards the characters I'd just lived with all the way through the book were up in the air and I didn't know if I now hated someone that I really liked! It was an incredible shake-up for me. Such a clever piece of writing by this fabulous author.  
From the way that Elaine described Antigua, I could tell that it is a country that she holds close to her heart and I know that she spends time each year there herself.  However, I do feel now, that I know what it looks like, how it smells, the colours, the people, the food, the weather.  I'm not sure I've ever wanted to visit a place more! Her vivid descriptions really brought the people and places to life for me and I found myself completely immersed in the story as if I were one of the characters.  I couldn't put it down.

There was one part of the book which made me cry, and I mean proper cry.  Chapter 9 picked out every one of my emotions and wrung them out to dry! 

I can't wait to read Singles' Holiday.  With these two books being so different, I have absolutely no idea of what to expect but what I do know is that I'll get it a top quality read that Elaine should be extremely proud of if these two books are anything to go by! 

Elaine Spires is an author, playwright and an actress.  She spends her time between her homes in Essex and in Antigua (I am sooooo not jealous!).  She has used her background in education and tourism to capture the quirky characteristics of people and humorous observations which she shares in her novels.

She is also an entertaining and informative after-dinner and motivational speaker and eulogist. 

You can find out more about Elaine Spires at her website 

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