Monday, 3 February 2014

Maverick Books strike again!

Ollie always loves it when he gets books through the post instead of me, for a change.  And when we get an envelope from Maverick Books we always know there's going to be a real treat inside!

This time we were really lucky, as we got not one, but two fabulous books.

The first was Princess Stay Awake by Giles Paley-Phillips. We have and love all of Giles' books.  They all have a fab story that Ollie loves to read again and again, and the illustrations are always amazing!

"Layla was a princess
who'd never go to bedShe didn't like to sleep at all,so she stayed awake instead. 
But even little princesses can be outsmarted...
You just need to know the right person for the job!" 
Princess Stay Awake is probably my favourite of all of Giles' stories.  Ollie still loves The Fearsome Beastie best but I thinks that's because he's a boy!

However, he did ask if we could read it again!

Ollie still thinks that Giles must be the best story-teller ever and that his kids are really lucky to have their Dad write stories this cool!

You can buy this book by clicking here.

The second book was called Hedgehugs by Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson.  This book is adorable.  I read it to Ollie and his friend Neve and they were both captivated by the story.

"Horace and Hattie hedgehog are the very best of friends.  There are so many things they like to do together but there is one thing they can't do ... they cannot hug! They are just too spiky!" 

Again the illustrations are incredible. It's a beautiful, gentle story that the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Another lovely book.

You can buy this book by clicking here.  

Thanks again to Maverick Books for sending these books through to us.

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