Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review: Younger Thinner Blonder by Sue Watson

What a fabulously entertaining book!

I was completely delighted to be invited to read Sue Watson's new book before it's publication date.  Don't worry though, you won't have long to wait and you can pre-order it right here.  Here's what I thought about it.

Tanya Travis is the talk show Queen of Daytime TV and she thinks no-one can touch her.  With toy-boy Nathan, in her shadow, who is according to the press a womaniser and wannabe music star, happily spending all her money, she lives a life where she is always trying to stay ahead of the competition. 

Her crazy life is a daily challenge and because no-one really gets close to her, her only real friends are Donna her ball-busting agent and potty-mouthed Astrid who is her cleaner.  When Donna offers her a place on TV show Celebrity Spa Trek, Tanya feels that it is way beneath her.  However, when her life unexpectedly starts to fall apart, she may have to consider this as her only option. 

OMG! Did I laugh at this book! Astrid was the most hilarious character I think I’ve come across in a book - ever.  Foul-mouthed but with a huge heart I think Mrs Watson should be writing a book all about her next! I can’t really tell you any more about her as it would spoil the read, but I have to just tell you to be prepared! She will have you in bits! I learned lots of new swear words and phrases, which I’m still tittering about a couple of days later, so it was also quite an educational read!

You warm to Tanya throughout the book, realising that she is not the person that the public think she is, and it does make you realise that there are people in the world just like her who must be frightened to death to make friends, speak out of turn or do anything that the press would turn around deliberately to ruin lives.  

I first knew of Sue Watson when I read her debut novel Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes – my review can be found here. 

I also interviewed Sue after she brought out FG&FC and my interview can be found here

That too was a brilliant book and I had high hopes for her second.

Sue Watson has certainly not disappointed me.  In fact, she has totally exceeded over and above my expectations.  I loved every single minute of it.  I loved learning about Nepal and the customs and learning about the beauty in complete contrast to the poverty and suffering.  I strangely loved the way that one minute I was crying with laughter and the next crying with the sheer emotion of her words. 

This book left me with a great big smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.  I hope to read many more of her books in the future.

Sue Watson was born in Manchester and moved to London to work as a journalist on newspapers and magazines.  She then moved into TV and became a producer with the BBC, working on garden makeovers, kitchen programmes and daytime talk shows. 

Sue now writes novels in Worcestershire, and lives with her husband Nick, daughter Eve, two cats and a rather glamorous goldfish.

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Nikki said...

What a great sounding book Kim, just my kind of read! Great review :)

Karen said...

I loved Sue's first book too and can't wait to read this one - it sounds fab!

Sheryl Browne said...

Excellent review! This is the second I've read for Younger Thinner Blonder today. It sounds like a fabulous read! Also sounds like Astrid is def going to have to star in her own book! Thanks for sharing, Kim!! :)