Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review: Me, Myself and I by Jo Allott

Myself, Me and I by Jo Allott is an amazingly honest journey of her own life from being a teenager through to being an adult who was just about coping with life whilst hiding the fact that she had an eating disorder.

I picked this book up at around 10pm one night and at 1:20pm decided that there were only 80 pages to go and as I was already tired it would not make a lot of difference if I read the rest because I was completely desperate to know how this lady's journey ended.

The book explains why she felt all her life that she needed to prove something to her father and that the root of her problem stems back to some words he said to her when she was younger. It was incredible to understand the impact of those words upon her life.

I was totally and utterly immersed in Jo's story and when I finished I felt like I'd got to know her like a new best friend and I felt so proud and in awe of everything she had achieved.

What an amazing lady she is.

The book is written in a chatty, friendly style that is so easy to read right from the first page. At times you have to remind yourself that this is not a really well written fictional novel. It is an actual account of her life and how she dealt with her eating disorder.

Jo is a total and utter inspiration to me and I'm sure is to many many others and if this book should raise awareness and help people understand what bulimia is and how people live with it. Jo should be very proud of herself. 

You can buy this book via Amazon UK here
A percentage of proceeds from the book go to eating disorder charities chosen by Jo.  Jo volunteers to help to raise the awareness and to help others who suffer from eating disorders. 

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