Monday, 28 October 2013

Good luck vibes being sent to Nicola May

Well folks - what can I tell you about Nicola May?

I could tell you that at last year’s Festival of Romance in Bedford she won the Best Author Published Read with her fabulous book The School Gates.

I could tell you that this year she’s been shortlisted for not one but two awards at this year’s Festival of Romance with her brilliant book The Bow Wow Club which is a sequel to Working It Out.  The first award is the New Talent Award and the second is once again for the Best Author Published Read.  The awards take place on 9th November and I’d love you to join me in wishing Nicola the best of luck for both categories. 

I could tell you that she’s extremely talented and writes hilarious fiction with a heart that has you crying with laughter one minute, then sobbing your heart out the next. 

I could tell you that on 16th November 2013, Nicola is running a workshop helping people who want to self-publish a book.  She’s an expert having self-published her own books extremely successfully.

I could even tell you that she also offers a 1-2-1 consultancy to authors who want to self-publish.  If you want to learn from someone who has already done it and learnt the right and wrong ways, Nicola can advise you on any aspects that you are struggling with. 

Or, or I could just let you learn even more about Nicola, her writing and her consultancy by checking out her website 

I will just tell you one last thing! If you’ve never read a Nicola May book, then you are really missing out!



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