Sunday, 1 September 2013

Interview to celebrate the launch of The Valentine Present and otherdiabolical liberties by Lynda Renham

I'm thoroughly delighted to be joined today by author of romantic comedy novels Lynda Renham who has very kindly offered to let me delve into her life by asking her some questions. Today is the launch day of her latest book which I finished yesterday.  Clevery titled 'The Valentine Present and other diabolical liberties' it is hilarious, lively, action-packed and romantic all rolled into one.

A brilliantly entertaining book which I couldn't put down and was an absolute pleasure to read. 

You can buy this book on Kindle version today via by clicking here.  If you prefer the paperback version you can pre-order it and it will be available on 1st October. 

Hi Lynda. Thank you so much for joining me on launch day for your new book.  When did you first realise that you wanted to be an author?
I was seven and I had a piece published in a children’s magazine and I thought ‘aye aye, money can be made from this malarkey J

Can you tell us a little about your writing journey? 
I started writing at about thirteen and stopped when I married in my twenties. It was not a bad marriage but it wasn’t one where I felt I had the support to do it plus life kind of took over. Bills and all that stuff took priority. Nineteen years later we broke up and some years later I married again and my now husband, Andrew found my old material and didn’t stop nagging until I wrote again. I owe him a huge debt.

How did it make you feel to hold your very first book in your hands?
Fabulous, but you know the whole thing for me is the readers. I love and adore them. They make me feel like I have all these wonderful friends. It is a wonderful feeling. I love writing the stuff that makes them smile and feel good. 

How on earth do you come up with such quirky titles?
It’s agony. Andrew and I spend days and weeks going ‘Jam and Bees? No, okay ‘Cakes and Jam’ and so it goes on. The new one ‘The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties’ came about us joking about the gangsters in the book and we thought, hey there’s a good title. ‘Pink Wellies and Flat Caps’ started out as ‘Pink Wellingtons and Flat Caps’ until the cover designer emailed about a query and called it ‘Pink Wellies and Flat Caps’ and I thought, yes, that works. It has been called ‘Pink Willies’ often too in error obviously.

Where is the place that inspires you most to write?
Our summer house. I love being where it is hot.

You write romantic comedies. What sort of books do you like to read and do you have any favourite books and authors?
I love horror and gangster crime. I’m a big fan of Kimberley Chambers and Peter James. I don’t get to read much though, to be honest. I have always loved ‘The Heart Listens’ by Helen Van Slyke  I also adore Iris Murdoch.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
Listening to music. Watching DVDs and walking in my village with my camera around my neck. 

Would you ever consider or have you ever written for say a TV sitcom? 
I would love to do it. It is just finding the time really. But yes, that is an ambition of mine. A sitcom would be fun to do. I still will, one day.

What advice would you give to a wannabee author?
Three words. NEVER GIVE UP

What advice would you give to an author or blogger, to not be sucked in to spending long amounts of time being distracted by social media platforms? Do you take your own advice? 
I use social media to promote my books. The trick is to get the balance. I think many writers have achieved that. It is about balancing your time and not getting carried away. Having said that, it’s where I procrastinate the most, that or the fridge.

What is next for Lynda Renham?
Always another book. What else?

Great news that she'll be writing more.  Can't wait to read more of her work.  
To find out even more about Lynda, you can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook and check out her website.  You can also check out her other books on Amazon UK.  

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