Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bedknobs and Bachelors by Kathryn Brown

Today I am joined by my very good friend, the lovely Kathryn Brown, author of Discovery at Rosehill (fabulous) and Nightingale Woods (brilliant). As there was a huge difference between these two books, I asked Kathryn her thoughts behind her latest offering which she launched earlier this week on 3rd September. 

Here's what she told me:

Not one to stick to the same genre, either when I’m writing a book or reading one, I decided this time I would tackle the subject of humour, mainly in the form of horny bachelors. Not that I know many horny bachelors you understand, well, not these days *cough*, but I’ve read so many fabulous novels over the past twelve months, written in the first person from a male’s point of view. 

I love a good romance and a gritty murder/mystery, but I also like a good laugh, and having been inspired by these books, I decided it was time I had a go myself. Therein was created ladies’ man, Gary Stringer, a hapless bachelor with a love for life, a love for the women and a particular desire for sex. But don’t think he’s all trousers and no man, he’s got a sensitive nature also, especially where his mum is concerned. And he doesn’t like the fact one of his best mates, also a bachelor and a ladies’ man, has the hots for her.

Gary gets himself into trouble on many occasions, usually when one of his ‘one-night-stands’ turns out not to be all he thought. But he has a way with words, always manages to wheedle his way around an awkward situation, until one day he realises he might just have to change his ways. Fast approaching thirty, still living with his mum; he has a dilemma when he needs to make a choice between two women, both of whom he is particularly fond. You’ll have to read to the end if you want to find out who Gary chooses, but the twists and turns of his ‘love life’ mean he’s never without a tale to tell on a lad’s night out.

Bedknobs and Bachelors is now available in eBook (Kindle) and paperback (paperback)

Gary Stringer seems to have it all: a great job, fantastic friends, a love for the night-life and a penchant for sex. However, upholding his reputation as a ladies’ man isn’t quite that easy when, at twenty-seven, he still hasn’t cut the apron strings.

What Gary wants more than anything is his own bachelor pad – a place where the ever-increasing notches on his bedpost can be noisily etched, far away from the watchful eyes of his mother. But can he afford it? More to the point, is he actually ready to take that leap and, for once in his life, wash his own socks?

As Gary ponders his dilemma, he’s faced with yet another when two beautiful women enter his life within a matter of days. Will his reputation precede him? Will he make the decision to string along two women? Or will he finally admit that the feeling in his heart is a little more than just indigestion? Will it be Janice or Lisa? And will Alfie and Jez – his lifelong bachelor friends – be a help or a hindrance?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring Bedknobs and Bachelors on your fabulous blog, Kim x

Michelle Betham said...

I absolutely LOVED Bedknobs and Bachelors, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, lighthearted slice of chick lit, from a male point of view...
A really great book!