Friday 1 March 2013

Review - Voodoo Wedding by Janice Horton

This was such a delightful novella, I actually wished it had gone on for longer.

In the sequel to How Do You Voodoo? model Nola and Dr-to-be Lewis plan their wedding. What starts out as a very small intimate wedding with no press coverage turns into something completely different!

Janice's other books include Bagpipes and Bullshot and Reach For The Stars both of which are funny, warm, and full of life.

I have always loved the way Janice writes about the Scottish highlands in a way which makes you feel that you can reach out and touch it.  She has such an easy-to-read writing style too. 

This was a wonderful story with a perfect ending, in fabulous locations and with such a beautifully picturesque setting that if I could have jumped in my car and gone there myself I absolutely would.

The only downside of this novella for me was the fact that it was a novella and not a full length book.

I do love to keep turning the pages of Janice's books, getting involved with her beautifully created characters, Picturing the scene and being able to smell touch and feel.
About the author: Janice lives in Scotland and writes romantic novels with humour which are, for the most part, inspired by the beauty of the heather-filled glens around her country cottage. When Janice is not writing novels, she write lifestyle articles and has had work published in national and international magazines and regional newspapers. She edits The Review Chair for the innovative reader/writer website and is also the bestselling author of the humorous romance ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot
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Janice said...

Hi Kim! I'm so thrilled you read and reviewed 'Voodoo Wedding' for its launch today on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm also excited that you enjoyed it. When I wrote the first part of this story 'How Do You Voodoo?' readers also said they wanted a longer book and so 'Voodoo Wedding' became the sequel. The next part of Nola and Louis's story 'Voodoo Child' will be available later this year.

All these 20,000 word novellas (around 70 pages)are that perfect size for that train, plane or bus journey, don't you think?

Thanks again for being so complimentary about my writing and for enjoying my books!

I'm off to party - so do join me if you can!

Janice xx

Miriam Wakerly said...

I had fun reading Bagpipes and Bullshot so really look forward to another romp through the Highlands!

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Can't wait to read Voodoo Wedding, have it on my Kindle as I downloaded it this morning! Love bite sized books for those times when you want something you can read in one go. Had a long train journey this week and this would have been perfect. Lovely review Kim, as always you whet my appetite!

Sheryl Browne said...

Wonderful review, Janice! Well done you! Thanks for sharing, Kim! :) xx

Mandy said...

Can't wait to read it! It's on my Kindle now!! And glad there's going to be a third!

Unknown said...

He he, I've had the privilege of reading this too and totally enjoyed it. Janice is such a good author and instills a lot of fun into what she writes. Am waiting patiently for the new baby to arrive. Good luck with the book, Janice. X And thank you, too, Kim.x

Melanie said...

I loved Voodoo Wedding! and all of Janice's other books. Can't wait for the 3rd installment of the Voodoo series and more from this talented writer!