Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review - How Do You Voodoo? By Janice Horton

Today I'm over the moon to be able to review a 20,000 word novella by the wonderful author Janice Horton called How Do You Voodoo?

When beautiful but selfish and lonely fashion model Nola Nichols travels first class on a plane and encounters a woman who is annoying her, she demands that the woman be removed back to economy where in her opinion she belongs! Little does she realise that this woman has hidden talents and she chants a voodoo spell at her. Nola feels that nothing can affect her but shortly after she lands back in the UK her looks start to diminish and she doubts that this is just a coincidence. The biggest opportunity she has ever been offered is in jeopardy and she only has a short time to return to her former self! She is helped along the way by a doctor and is interested in just a little bit more than his medical qualifications. 

I've always been a fan of Janice's writing and after reading this novella, most definitely, still am. She's written Bagpipes and Bullshot and Reaching for the Stars, both of which I absolutely adored.  Her humour shines through and her fabulous descriptions make the scenes easy to imagine and to picture in your mind. 

There is a message in this novella which is that it doesn't matter what you look like it's what you are like as a person on the inside that counts.  Beauty isn't everything! It is beautifully written with the message standing out really well.  Be nice to people and they will be nice to you. Be rotten to people and good things will NOT happen to you.

A really enjoyable and highly entertaining read

About the author: Janice lives in Scotland and writes romantic novels with humour which are, for the most part, inspired by the beauty of the heather-filled glens around her country cottage. When Janice is not writing novels, she write lifestyle articles and has had work published in national and international magazines and regional newspapers. She edits The Review Chair for the innovative reader/writer website loveahappyending.com and is also the bestselling author of the humorous romance ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot

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Janice Horton said...

Hi Kim - thank you for reviewing How Do You Voodoo? today - I'm over the moon that you liked it!

It was great fun to write this story. I did put poor Nola through a rather difficult time - but she deserved it of course!

I really apprecaite you reading and reviewing in time for Halloween, Kim - as with it's spooky is she? /isn't she? cursed theme - this might be a perfect read for Halloween. I do hope readers enjoy it.

Love Janice xx

Sheryl said...

Aw, well done, Janice. You're a hard-worker and a FABulous writer! Best of luck, sweetie! :) xx

Janice Horton said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Sheryl! (*blush*)

Linn B Halton said...

I love a tale with a moral Kim and I too loved Voodoo! It was a refreshing change to read a novella and I'm looking forward to more from fabulous Scottish author Janice Horton! She's an amazing writer. Great review.

Nicky Wells said...

Brilliant review, congrats to Janice! Have VOODOO on my Kindle and can't wait to get stuck in. Rock on! X

Janice Horton said...

Thanks Linn and Nicky for your lovely comments - I really enjoyed writing this novella and hope that comes through in the reading!

I have plans to complete the story of Nola and Louis with two novella sized sequels - Voodoo Wedding and Voodoo Child - coming in 2013!

Janice xx