Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Website Proves that Some Literary Gems are Slipping through the Hands of Publishing Houses

booksthepublishersmissed.com Launches an Innovative Publishing Platform Giving Writers New Hope

Today, even the sharpest of publishing houses can sometimes miss a great book. Now talented yet previously overlooked author Maximillian J. Emmenegge has come up with a solution to promote great writing talent. The author has launched his own unique website www.booksthepublishersmissed.com to promote and support overlooked literary works that rightly deserve their place alongside the other well known titles on our bookshelves.

Emmenegge’s literary platform began to take shape after his 7 novels were rejected by traditional publishing houses. Today, www.booksthepublishersmissed.com serves as a launch pad for writers seeking to market their work online.

Emmenegge’s writing career began in 1992. After a disastrous business venture in the Bahamas, his wife turned to him and said, “NOW, you have something to write about.” A year later, with a copy of his novel Another Boring Day in Paradise in hand, he began his journey into the world of traditional publishing. Over the years, he received rejection after rejection, but he continued to write. It was when a friend suggested he publish his work online that the concept of www.booksthepublishersmissed.com was born.

He has established a unique way of not only launching literary works into the online realm, but also marketing them to the end-consumer. As well as representing his own works, he is now looking to assist other authors who have been turned down by the traditional publishing industry.

Max Emmenegge is a natural and talented writer and his books have received critical acclaim from readers. His novels, Another Boring Day in Paradise; The Kiplock Affair, Harry, and Will You Tell Her, Or Shall I? (a true story) can be purchased on www.booksthepublishersmissed.com or through popular online retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookstore, Kobo, Copia and Gardners.

For further details on this author, his novels and his new author's platform, visit www.booksthepublishersmissed.com Visitors to the site have the opportunity to read free sample pages of this author's compelling work.

Englishman Maximillian Emmenegge spent 25 years of his life in international marketing. This took him to 68 countries. He lived a total of 7 years in the USA, over 2 separate periods, and a year in the Bahamas. He ran his own international business for 10 years before selling it and retiring to Florida. Because of the international nature of his life, his books cross international borders. Other titles by this author include Another Day, Another Dollar; Tycoon, and Just a Moment in Time.

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