Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review - The Runaway Actress by Victoria Connelly.

Connie Gordon is an actress who lives in Los Angeles. She is a real superstar and everybody wants a piece of her. But Connie is not happy in her life. She longs for something more, yet she does not know what that something is. One day on a whim, she picks up a letter from the Connie Gordon Fan Club which is based in Scotland, and she decides to swap the Hollywood hills and take off to the Scottish Highlands which is where she knows is where her mother came from. 

Meanwhile a lovely lady Maggie runs the Connie Gordon Fan Club where people write in and get photographs of the star for a small fee. This fee goes towards the local amateur dramatic society. Nothing much happens in the tiny village they live in, so when they find out that Connie has moved into the local bed-and-breakfast they are all a little bit overwhelmed with her presence.  They make her feel very welcome, so much so she that is not sure whether she will ever want to go home.

This was a delightful book to read. The fabulous character descriptions and the way that the Scottish Highlands are painted in this book make the scenes and people come to life dramatically and I could have quite happily packed a bag, jumped in my car and driven straight there. 

This was a real feel-good book where the pages turned themselves with no effort whatsoever. A lovely read with a fairy tale ending made this a perfect book which whisked me off far away for a few hours to a magical place where I didn't really want to leave!

This is not the first Victoria Connelly book that I have read. She is a wonderful author who is very talented in bringing her books to life and writing fabulously romantic stories.  This was a most enjoyable book and I am becoming a firm fan. You can read my review of A Perfect Hero here.   

Victoria Connelly grew up in Norfolk. After graduating she worked her way through a number of jobs before becoming a teacher in North Yorkshire. In 2000 she got married in a mediaeval castle in the Yorkshire dales and move to London. After writing articles and short stories, a bidding war between five publishers in Germany resulted in a book deal and the first of three novels published there was made into a film.

Her first novel to be published in the UK was Mollies Millions and it was a top-10 e-book best seller. Victoria has also written a trilogy about Jane Austin addicts. Victoria and her husband recently left London for a cottage in rural Suffolk where she lives with her springer spaniel and her brood of rescued battery hens.

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D.J. Kirkby said...

I love the promise of escape that this book seems to offer. Thanks for the introduction...

Gilli Allan said...

Good luck with The Runaway Actress, Vicky. Sounds like a fun read.
Gilli x