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Review - Fear of the fathers by Dominic C James

This is actually the first time I've struggled to do a review. Not because I didn't enjoy the book because I loved it.  The Reiki Man was the first book in the trilogy and my review of this book can be found here. I simply don't know how to tell you about the second book without giving away the ending of the first but here goes - I'm going to give it a try.

Thomas Jennings is a bodyguard for the Prime Minister and an attempt to kill the PM occurs while they are at an afternoon at the races.  While the world thinks that this attempt has been made by Al-Qaeda, Jennings does not believe this is so and finds himself drawn into a conundrum of deceit and wondering whether his colleagues are really what they appear to be.

Meanwhile Stella who is still desperately upset about the death of her ex-boyfriend Stratton, meets Father Pat Cronin who tries very hard to assist with her grieving process. While Stella feels that Father Pat is great help to her, other people in her life have their suspicions. The Vatican also seem to have an interest in Strattons missing body but nobody seems to know why.

This book, like the first, is amazingly gripping, enabling you to gain a fascinating insight into Reiki and the Universe. The plot constantly thickens and there is no way of telling where the story will go.  The characters that we met in the first book continue to develop and you become firm friends with them. More fantastic characters join them in this book and help to weave the story.

It's a thrilling and thoroughly exciting read, which leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout, wondering what on earth is going to happen next and how the characters will get through the things that life throws at them. 

Once again Mr James has left me desperate to read the next book in the series and I cannot wait for a conclusion to this fabulous trilogy of which I have absolutely no idea of where it will go. I have so many unanswered questions that I sincerely hope will be covered by the final book. 

The final part of the trilogy, called A Sacred Storm, will be available in November 2012.

Dominic C James is a writer and Reiki master. He has been a singer/songwriter in various indie bands, and has scratched a living as a freelance writer, barman, draughtsman and factory worker. On being made redundant two years ago he committed himself to full-time writing.

The Reiki Man was his first full-length novel, and combined his passion for all things spiritual with his passion for all things temporal. He keeps a foot firmly placed in both worlds. He wants to bring practices such as Reiki to a wider audience by conveying Eastern ideals in an entertaining context.

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